Skeleton key system

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Dec 7, 2004
I have just down loaded the skeleton key system and I like it. Do any of you pals out there have some experience with it? Are there others worthy of consideration? There are some free ones but are they as good?
Any comments would be welcome.
For those not familiar it is a keyboard system that requires only a mouse to type messages.
I use the Windows Xp OSK (OnScreen Keyboard)...
It's free.

I've tested a few OSK's and it worked the best for me :D
I have the Skeleton Key program and it's extremely helpful, the word prediction is excellent and so far is the best on screen keyboard i have used for my ability as a PALS
Hey Jim,

Good to see you on the forum! Hope you join in more often. How are you ? I have sent you an email to the house. Glad to see you here.

Love, Carol
Dear Arnold,
Tim uses the same Windows program as Mike does and it works quite well for him. As long as he can get both hands up together with help he can slide his mouse around. This is really important for him because hopefully since he has now got all his vinyl on the computer he will be able to build a website and we will be able to all listen to some really good music. It was a dream and a goal and hes almost there.
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Yeah for Tim, it's good to hear there's some good happening that way. Give him a big hug for us. Melissa
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