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Dec 13, 2006
I am looking for some feedback on shoulder pain

My father was diagnosed on 4/2006.

He has recently (as of early January) been more or less confined to a wheelchair. Since his last quarterly appointment ( mid January), he has begun to experience shoulder joint pain. His doctors told him that it is a result of shoulder muscles that have deteriorated and that the arm is "hanging in the socket” with little or no support. At most times during the day, my father is sitting in his wheel chair which has arm at on the arm rest but he still continues to have shoulder pain.

His voice has deteriorated to the point it is very difficult to understand him and he has limited use of his fingers.

My question is what can be done to help ease the pain if anything? Is this common? Any ideas on how to ease the pain?
Help for Shoulder Pain

My husband ("Grumpy Old Coach") suffered from this as well. It was not until we were told he needed to increase his range of motion through exercise and physical therapy did he get relief. Once we loosened that "frozen shoulder" he did not experience any more pain...but we had to perform those range of motion exercises everyday. It was quite painful in the process but the benefits were well worth it. I hope this information helps you.

Coach's Wife
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Hi Coach's Wife. I remember him well even though he wasn't a frequent poster we did send some private messages back and forth. Welcome. Glad you have decided to share your knowledge.
hi:) i have had shoulder joint pain since oct 07 during that time ive lost 20lb and shoulders have got worse,have difficulty lifting up arms and reaching to side,the spasms in my arms have been worse though. but last week i caught site of my shoulders and back in the bathroom mirror and they are rather immasicated ,especially on my right side which is worrying me. gentle physio is best, i hold on to my shoulder joint with a hand and gently turn joint in socket to relieve stiffness and take extra baclofen if bad.
im waiting to go to neuro reabilitation centre for physio so hopefully they can do more.
ask about physio or tips from doc/neuro/nurse.
My husband has had the same problem which was solved the same as what coaches wife said with physical therapy for what they reffer to as frozen shoulder so with that everyday and Advil it has eased up. Just remember to go slow and easy and not to stress it more, go as far as you can not past were it hurts about 5 reps maybe 2 times a day.
Hi Coaches wife! I was sorry when your hubby passed. He must have had a great sense of humor to choose that screen name. I bet you still miss him. glad you decided to join us! Cindy
I've been here all along...

Thanks for the welcome, Al & Cindy. I hadn't really left you at all...definitely been reading the forum almost every day (only I was lurking under my husband's old account). I felt the need to respond to the 'frozen shoulder' issue in hopes that I could help someone else. I will continue to read and offer support in any way that I can.

(Jeff's wife)
nightime shoulder and back pain

My husband has shoulder pain too, especially at night. He has found relief with a memory foam pillow. He says that when his neck is properly aligned (which the pillow does) it takes the pressure off of his shoulder. He also has a 3" memory foam mattress top which has helped with his back pain.
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