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Oct 20, 2018
Learn about ALS
Hi, I have read the thread with the symptoms and I wouldn’t have posted here, if it weren’t for my knees that are kinda bothering me – some vibrations, not exactly twitching which probably wouldn’t scare me because I would say the cold is to blame ( I sleep in just a shirt and it is kinda cold here at night), if it wasn’t for my thumb twitching (first symptom) which now is mostly gone if I don’t get anxious or nervous . I am also so scared with my symptoms that I just need to tell somebody because not wanting to scare my parents I have internalized everything and I haven’t told a single soul how scared I am or what happens with me - which might have actually worsened my twitching. I am going to try to be as honest as possible below.
Please ignore me if you believe that I’m just a crazy person, I might well be at this point.

Family history: nobody had als, but there are some diabetes cases – my paternal grandfather and arthritis – my mother.
Sometimes I also get tinglings on my fingertips and just like on my soles there’s some kind of vibrating especially when sweaty.

OTHER symptoms which might be unrelated: I’ve had diarrhea a couple of days after the first twitching started – (might be a reverse reaction to Magne B6?) and I might have had a cold (runny nose, sneezing – here is sometimes pretty cold), and now I experience some sweaty palms and at night I sweat more than before. I’ve also lost some weight – nothing major but I don’t know, now I am worried.

1. I am a 28 and 5 months years old female. I know that when you’re u30 it’s unlikely to get diagnosed with this, but I am scared because 28 and almost a ½ isn’t that far away from 30.
2. My story with my right-hand thumb twitching started last Thursday at 11 pm. I’ve never had twitches that would start when going to sleep and then feel them again when waking up. I usually don’t get twitches at all. So, when I woke up Wednesday morning and felt it I started freaking out. Which made my thumb twitch quicker and with a greater intensity.
I started googling, and Parkinson and als popped out first. I started freaking out again.

After that I took a MAGNE B6 flask – not sure if that’s the term in English. At night my left-hand thumb also twitched a couple of times and I started freaking out even worse. Thursday morning I was already better – the frequency was down with approx 70% and the intensity was down with 90%. I was feeling more confident, I took another flask of MAgne B6 in the morning and afternoon. The thing is, that even tho the frequency was way down and the intensity really low, I started asking myself why doesn’t it go away completely and I am became anxious again.

3. I want to mention that at night I can feel lonesome twitches, sometimes in my bicep, sometimes in my calf, but those are singular occurrences.

4. Why I got even more scared is that Friday, some more regular twitches/vibrating started in my toes, both feet or soles. Here, I am not sure if that happened before or after taking a hot bath. Point is that the thumb twitches stopped and currently I activate that when I am really nervous/anxious.

5. Another thing that scares me is that I also feel some vibrating in the Knees.

There are 5 days since all this started, so I’m not sure how relevant is the fact that not much has changed.
My twitching happens when at rest. My voice hasn’t changed, I have no difficulties talking or swallowing (not entirely sure what this entails, but I can swallow just like before) my parents and brother haven’t noticed something different except for my bad mood – and that’s because like I have already mentioned I have internalized all the scare and fear. I can walk normally, jump, stand on my toes, heels, walk on a narrow margin – but like I’ve explained below I do feel some twitchings/vibrations in my soles or toes and some vibrating in my knees which is the most scary part for me and has me going nuts. I don’t think I’ve lost strength – I can do everything without straining. I also don’t think I get tired easily.
Before the twitching started –
The day before the twitching of my thumb started my cat bit me right on the twitching thumb. I have also filled a couple of days a pot with water using the thumb to hold it. I am always pressing a button with my thumb. My twitching started after holding an old iphone phone that weights 150 grams. So if I didn’t feel any other twitches I would’ve said it’s just a strain.I also drink pepsi instead of water and I did drink some before all this started.

Like I said, my knees are now the reason of me freaking out. Could it be just the cold ?
If anyone had the patience to read this thank you!
I have forgotten to add that I also seem to have some silent burping quite often which is quite unusual for me.
Also even tho I am able to do everything without straining, what I've also noticed and that's the primary reason why it's scaring me out of my mind is that when standing upright and I don't move, the knees begin to be wobbly. This is really bad, isn't it?
Nothing, absolutely nothing to do with ALS. Don't think about ALS. You're wasting your time on ALS, when you need to fix your real problem. It's not ALS.

See your family medical doctor. Talk to your parents. Don't think about ALS another minute. Good luck.
Thank you so much! Your answer does help shake off a little bit of the crazy I feel until I will visit a doctor next week.
As I've mentioned before I have no problems talking, swallowing, singing etc... But I've opened some threads with tongue photos, seen some youtube videos and then went to the mirror and noticed that one side of the tongue, the right one doesn't have the same form as the other on a small portion - not a big difference at least I don't see it big and to be completely fair I am not sure for how long it's been like this. I can't stick my tongue out for a long time without it beginning to move. Is this normal? Should a regular person be able to hold the tongue still for some time?

That's another question that I have regarding als. Do people who have als feel tongue twitches? I don't have twitches in my jaw, cheeks, neck or anywhere around the head, but even with the resting in the mouth tongue after a while- around 15-20 seconds of observing there is a part that does begin to move. Only when it's really cold outside in the winter I tend to have a slurred speech and that's happened since forever. Otherwise, I want to believe that I am fine and just imagining things.

Also, would you recommend going to a general practitioner instead of a neurologist first?
No more tongue photos! Why people keep sending us tongue photos is beyond me. You have no symptoms related to ALS. Go see your GP and take it from there. ALS does not show up at 11 thursday night and get better over a few days.
Thank you for answering. I truly appreciate each answer. I wouldn't have posted pics of my tongue. I also wouldn't have made this post if it weren't for my knees.
I think my twitching might go away completely - at least l hope so, unless I obsess over a certain part, then the finger gets moving.
I just got scared that my knees starting to vibrate when standing upright and still for more than 10 seconds is a sign of getting worse.

I still feel tingling/vibrations on the soles of my feet just as if I've taken a hot bath and ocasionally a toe might twitch. Otherwise, I can move normaly, no tiredness, at least that's what I say after checking my movement quite often.
I probably would've ignored the knees and blamed the cold if it weren't for the twitching that I've had since Thursday night which now is gone almost completely (the twitching).

11 years ago I woke up with a vision problem, went to get it checked out and got told that I will get used with the problem, there is no danger to my eyesight but there is also no cure(i've had floaters for more than 11 years now).
I know that that is an absurd comparation from my part but I guess I am really scared to wake up and not be able to do normal things and get told the same things.
I truly apologize if I sound like a crazy person.
You're not crazy. I am, however, detecting some great apprehension in your words. It's time to see a professional.
I recommend having a regular "General practice" medical doctor--an MD--spend some time with you. Show them what you have posted here--it's pretty insightful.

Also, Lil, you need to leave here now. It does no one any good to be here if you don't have ALS.
Hi, thanks for the advice, I can't wait to go and get it checked out. I seem to have developed another annoying thing. I feel some tingling/numbness on my lips, cheek and recently chin. I did get out today in the cold, and I still don't have problems walking, talking, singing, swallowing.
I was feeling pretty great and confident today until this thing with the lips started. It's not totally bothersome but it ruined my mood and got me worried again. As far as my twitches go, I think those are pretty much in control.

I tried to refrain from using Dr google again so that I wouldn't go nuclear and I wanted to ask if this recent thing might be a worsening sign for me.
Hi there. It's not really clear if you have read the pinned post or not, as you seem to be under the impression sensory issues indicate ALS.

Please have a read of that post now to assure yourself. Please also wait to speak with a doctor instead of continuing to post here. This forum is not a replacement for proper medical attention and the folks here have not seemed to reassure you in any way. Hopefully a doctor will be able to.
Thank you for taking the time to answer. I apologize. I did read that thread some days ago, and every time I do I get reassured, but then I get this and that and I just panic and start questioning my symptoms again. Anxiety and fear aren't a good combination and I know that this forum isn't about that.
I promise I won't make any similar postings. Apologies, again.
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