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Aug 11, 2007
Hi everyone, i have been having some new annoying symptoms but dont know if they are significant enough to call my neuro about. The left side of my face that has been affected by my "neuromuscular disease," has been bothering me. My tongue has had rippling in it for a long time but no other symptoms like slurred speech. The thing that is annoying me is my lower lip/mouth area now is twitching all the time. Only the left side. I feel like i am doing the elvis thing only in my lower lip! I also am super sensetive to loud noises. I used to be a preschool teacher and noise did not bother me, now if my son walks by and talks real loud i freak out. I am not anxious just super sensetive now, i guess.. Also my right leg has a noticeable divet now, and my right wrist is starting to drop. I did not want to go back to the clinic until something or IF something drastic occurred because it is so expensive. Should i wait?
Sammantha - if it were me I'd make the call and ask for an appt. Really, why wait? Your piece of mind is worth a lot in handling adversity.

Hopefully you can sleep soundly tonight and get some answers tomorrow.

Samantha- so funny you should bring up the reaction to loud noises. I describe it as my startle reflex is on over-drive. At least that's what I tell people when I am in a meeting and somebody's cell phone goes off. After they peal me of the ceiling, I chuckle and say, "well, at least my startle reflex is working!" :lol:

Thanks for the laugh! I needed it! I can just picture you in a meeting and someone's phone goes off and you jump fifty feet in the air! I am trying to find a part time job right now, i am used to getting the first job i apply for but now that is not the case. My vocational rehabiltist said i do not have to put any disability on my apps if it does not interefere with my duties i apply for..... Do you laugh a lot too? My kids last ballgame was so bad they let the ball roll around the feild and like five kids missed it and the one threw it off in the bleachers and i was laughing hysterically loud and all the other parents were mad or real quiet because the other team got three kids to run in.... I still laugh when i think about it.. All you could hear was the parents screaming to the kids to get the ball and me laughing so hard i almost fell over, when a parent looked at me funny i said "What else can you do in these situations but laugh it off." She then looked away!

Oh i just thought of another thing! where i grew up people swore a lot. Well i moved down south and that is not tolerated. So i learned to hold back and only used cuss words when i was extremely mad, and could not control it as well. Lately i have been swearing without realizing it and my HUSBAND is like watch your language..... My kids dont know what to think, so i am trying real hard to hold back!
THis kind of goes along with the emotional thing you talked about in the other thread, I think. Things should settle down when you get the proper medication...Good luck on the job hunt! Let us know how it goes.
Cindy - read your post about proper medication - what would that be? I have to get all medication from my GP and he is really not up on ALS. Although he is willing to learn and a great guy. I think my crying spells are not necessarily ALS - since I don't have the laughing end of it. But I do cry at the drop of a hat - huge, blubbering crying. It's getting embarrassing. I am extremely worried about my future at the moment - my husband is not handling this well and I cannot live alone.

Thanks for the help.

I haven't had laughing spells but I have had overactive reflex responses. I noticed today a drop of water fell on my head out of no where and I closed my eyes, started to duck, and screamed a little outloud. Now that I think about it, it's quite funny. And yet frustrating at the same time:oops:?!
Sharonica- Some PALs claim that dextromethorphan and quinidine help with emotional liabiity. Maybe your ALS clinci can advise better.
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