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Jun 1, 2006
I've been having spasms and cramps in legs for over 15 months. Then they seemed to slowly go up my body over time until now I have them all over. What surprised me was the weakness in my legs like my muscles were not even there anymore. I think I've known what I had before the doctor even told me.

I have a great doctor who ran all the tests before she would give me the news. She did not want to upset me if it was anything else. She is also a parapelagic so she has empathy for people in our situation.

My lung capacity is down so now am using a Bi-Pap at night to help with the breathing. Motorized wheelchair has been ordered that tilts, thanks for the info on that here.

I am concerned about latter stages and personal hygiene, maybe someone can send me private message on what to expect and how to deal with it best. Not sure if that is the kind of subject for the main forum? I mean when I find myself alone at home and have to go to bathroom, etc. Has anyone had to have a colostomy, etc.

How do I deal with ALS? All I can say is I personally trust that God does not let anything happen without a reason. And since I'm still living, HE must not be thru with me yet. I'm 59 soon to be 60, I have 14 grandchildren, that alone is a full time ministry.

I hope I can encourage others to seek peace with God and with the remainder of their lives. Make peace with others while you have the time. God says he forgives us as we forgive others. I have a hard time with that one, would rather hit them with a bat sometimes, ha ha. But I'm working on that one with God's help.

Try to have a positive attitude, I know it's hard, but at least try, and let those you love know it now before it's too late. If you have a grudge in your heart against someone, now is a good time to work that out. You may not get a second chance.
Don't leave this life with any regrets. Many people don't get this time like we have right now to work out all these little details.

I've missed so many opportunities to help others and now Physically I can't do a lot of things, but maybe a word well spoken at the right moment might just be what they need to make it through the day.

For those of you still waiting for your diagnosis, I hope you the best and pray it's not ALS. For those who have already found out, remember you are not alone and we all will try to help support you as much as we can.

God Bless You All and I hope you have the best day possible. :-D
Hi MPockets,
Thanks for the update, and for the thoughts in your post. I am glad that you have a positive attitude and faith that sees you through this ALS thing.
I try to keep a positive attitude also, and have faith in God. I also find that the posts here are a real boost to me whenever I need someone who understands.
Thanks for coming onboard.
Hugs and prayers, Leah
spasms & cramgs

I have found that in my case, that Taurine and magnesium has help cut down on the spasms & cramps.
Thanks Granny

I appreciate your comments and support. It's a long journey that just goes one step at a time. Only problem, (ha ha) not stepping much anymore.
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