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Mar 16, 2015
In February of last year, I experienced a very quick progression from a weak leg to a very spastic leg during the same time I was suffering from a cold sore/shingles break out along my trigimenic nerve route. The neuro I was seeing at the time (general neurologist) thought it was interesting, but likely unrelated. I had never experienced cold sores before anywhere other than the usual ones on my lips from childhood onwards (thanks, summer camp!). I had no idea one could get cold sores in one's ear.

I found myself struggling with quite a quick progression in my ribs and upper body starting about two weeks ago. I discovered a cold sore break out again today. I've been feeling under the weather, so it stands to reason.

Has anyone else experienced an acceleration of symptoms/severity with a shingles outbreak? Do you feel they were related? I am considering discussing some sort of antiviral with the ALS clinic next week when I go for a check up if it's something to be concerned about. It'll be just one more thing on a very long list of "Is this normal?" that I'll be bringing them.

Am I just reaching?
Was it a cold sore or shingles?

Cold sores are herpes simplex virus, while shingles is the chicken pox virus...
Chicken pox/shingles are caused by the herpes zoster virus. I am assuming from the discussion of a nerve distribution that we are talking about shingles in episode 1, a cold sore in ep 2. Since most of us think progression can be faster when the body is stressed, and fighting a virus is stress, it seems possible that there is a link in either ep. But if it's only one cold sore, I'd get started with an ointment, that you could buy today. But now that I read your post again, maybe it's multiple lesions, so yeah, the antiviral becomes a consideration if only to hold it at bay.
You know, I'm not sure. I thought it was the same virus, but following different nerve pathways. I had what felt like cold sores, but on my ear and eye- and the neuro told me he'd seen it before when I told him I didn't know you could get it that way. He then referred to it as shingles. So, I don't know...

I admit, I have the same run down feeling this time around, but it's just a couple of cold sores in the usual place.
A neuro presumably knew how to differentiate ep 1. Attacks tend to recur. If you haven't had the vaccine, after this outbreak is past, it might still do you some good. Meanwhile, I'd get dx'd and if is another ep, get on an antiviral unless you have contraindications.
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