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Wow thanks for all the puppy pics! Jim I hope you can post one of yours soon.

Getting closer to puppy pickup. I've had a puppy before and I understand how difficult it is for them to be separated from Mom and Siblings. I've got to imagine that it is even more difficult for the Dam to have her offspring permanently removed. So, today, I went to a "boutique" type of pet store. I purchased a variety of unique treats that the store packaged into a clear cellophane bag with a pretty pink bow. I'm taking this to Sophie... Elise's Birth-Mom. It won't make her miss our Elise any less... but it will make my guilt a little easier to bear. Pre-ALS, I don't think I'd have felt this way...

I've been reading along and am looking forward to your puppy too. Hoping for pictures :)
Jim, you have dozens (or more) people excited along with you and Darcey.
Your last post made me cry. As Karen said, we are all very excited about your new baby.
You are such a good man and CALS.
Awww Jim...your so sweet. And isn't it amazing how ALS makes a person think and do differently than they would have prior to the experience? Including Elise's mom Sophie is such a great idea. I love it. Super excited to hear about the new baby!
Lying on the couch with youngest cat named Gizmo ( she does have a peculiar look) napping on my lap I wonder how I came to look forward to the arrival of a puppy named Elise at the other end of the world. Come to think it must have to do with the way you share your love!
Send us pics when you can !
She will sure be happy with you.
You all know how excited I am. But even that pales when compared to the camaraderie of the many of you who have expressed a desire to join me on this adventure via these pages. You are all so important and so appreciated. THANK YOU!!!

My best...

So good to see you with your own thread Jim and sharing highs as well as the lows. I know many are going to live vicariously through this new puppy - a community raising is on the cards now :lol:
Aw Jim, that is so sweet. Sophie will love the treats, and I’m sure when she sees you she will just know in her heart that her baby is going to a good home.

One more sleep! 😁
Wow thought I posted yesterday, seems I messed that up.

Also can’t wait for the puppy. And you are right, would not have thought of a treat for Sophie before ALS either.

Jim, ALS has also taught be a LOT about being sensitive to other people. I learned it not only from our losses, but also from the people who stepped in and held me up. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger---and we, my friends, are either crushed and broken or we are superhuman!!!!
Jim.. I've been thinking about you and Darcey and your new pup and hope you are all doing well. I hope that you can post a picture sometime! We would all love to see her.
I will post, soon! So much catching up to do and it is all fun stuff! I didn't have enough time to do all that needed to be done pre-Elise. Now? Forget about it. Even less "list" stuff gets done and I'm even more behind. There is one big difference, though. Instead of PTSDing or DEPRESSing about what I can't get to, that sweet girl puppy fills my heart, causes excessive laughter and smiles and just makes EVERYTHING OKAY!

More to come, my friends! :)

So happy for you, Jim! Can't wait for pics and to hear more about Elise!
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