Severe Anxiety right now...Please Help

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Nov 6, 2019
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Hello brave people. I had a few questions in regards to some symptoms if you don't mind answering.
Back in June, i noticed my balance was a bit off, would rub my shoulder on the door occasionally, and my kinda had to try really hard to pronounce my words at times. I thought maybe i was trying to hard or something. Fast forward, my left leg felt weaker, like i injured it or my calf was sore. Hard to explain. During this time frame, i felt weakness in my left hand while typing as well and i would miss a word here and there. Followed by a dry cough and dry mouth, i kept pushing maybe its reflux. Visit PCP, i mention weakness in legs and he does his exams and says, yeah somethings off on your left side. Meanwhile, my calf is still sore. Blood work checks out, urine fine, no markers for anything crazy. He decides to MRI lower back since im also having either sore lower back muscles or pain. Very hard to make the difference. So this leg and arm weakness & soreness has mostly been on left side from what ive noticed for a couple months. I make an appointment with Neurologist. She does her tests, reflex test, not hyper reflexive according to her. She does labwork, takes a least 18 viles of blood for all kinds of stuff. Everything comes back, electrolytes are fine, everything is ok. MRI of head ruled out MS, and cervical came out nice. Vitamin D was a little low but it didn't jump out at her. Now during this visit, my strength was ok i guess, but it slowly started getting weaker. A month after that visit, i go see my PCP again, he visibly says my strength is weaker and wants me to go back to Neuro. He rules out diabetic or pre diabetic based on tests. So because that neuro is booked until 3 months down the line, now that i have clinical weakness, on both sides, the new Neuro runs her blood work, and she does basic nerve and Neuro tests. She says maybe this doesn't seem like ALS and basically brushes that off. She wants to rule out something called small fiber nephropathy. So even with clinical weakness by now, tongue facilitations, visible muscle twitching all over, im not sure how with one visit she wants to rule that out. Neuro wants to conduct and EMG soon but the wait is another 2 months. This sucks.

My questions for you all are: How can ALS progress so fast, how in the span of 6 months can i go from basic symptoms to rapidly decline.
My throat hurts, my left leg was so weak other day, i swore i had foot drop, im still kinda lifting it weird off the ground, swallowing water feels like its tough and like my muscles are worn out, feels like there's something in my throat, vision now feels a bit strange, cant explain it. My whole body when i lay down feels like my nervous system is ringing the alarm, there's tingles in my left arm, left leg, when i stand, the tingles get lighter, but when i law down, they take over my whole body. It feels as if im slowly becoming paralyzed. The tingles are sensations, feel like a light burn, or sensation. Everything feels tingly and coldish/burning but not pain. I dont think i feel pain. My anxiety has me urinating like 3 times an hour. My voice has been hoarse and i slurred a few words with S. I also have severe dry mouth it seems.

This has to be something similar to ALS, GBS, CIPD, LYME, i feel like my body is giving up. My heart palpitations can be felt through my chest too. I stopped eating as well and my left leg and arm feel very cramped. I would describe the feeling as cramped while still having twitches. I dont know much about Small Fiber Neuropathy, but doesnt feel like that. Sorry for length.
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