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Mar 26, 2007
hi ive had constant fascics for 23mths now ive been to nuro 3 times he said ive got benign fasciculation syndrome did emg on third visit emg normal problem is it not benign or i would not have lost half my butt muscles also loss of padding on my heels i cant sit without servere discomfort or walk without the same ive had all over muscle wastage my fingers have a wrinkled look like they have been in water to long also two discs in my back have herniated and ive been in pain for nearly 2yrs dont know cause suspect wasted muscles supporting spine. yet i have no weakness at all nor do i get fatuige in fact i have heaps of energy my reflexes are normal any one have any comments that may help me ..thank-you
We had this conversation here a year or more ago. Don't want to scare you but my butt fell off first. My wife noticed but I had noticed having to do my belt tighter to keep pants up. There are also other conditions that will cause atrophy so don't give up hope yet.
The best advice that helped me was to not cross bridges before you get to them. I have the sitting and walking issues too, for the same reason as you do- no muscle left in those areas. It can take a long time to get answers. I just hope for all of us that when the answers come, they are reasonably good ones. Cindy
thanx for replying how long did it take from on set till loss of mascle heels ,butt ect,effecting your ability in these areas..cyberhart
Heel Pain

Thanks for the info! I have had heel pain for two years and couldn't figure it out. Duh! Onset was feet, ankles, falling. Official Dx 12/13/07.

sorry but it was 4-5 years ago and have forgotten the time frame for my butt falling off.

What 2 discs are herniated, do you no what the report said?

thanx for your concern the discs are L4/5 ,L5/S1 ..STEVE
Thanx For Your Reply How Do U Mannage Its Awfull Sitting Even With Pillows Ive Still Got About Half My Butt Left And I Cant Handl;e It Now ..steve
I am about to get myself a cushion made of memory foam. Right now the padded chairs and sofas that I use do the job OK, but sitting on hard benches or chairs is out of the question.
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