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Aug 1, 2007
I had a thyroid surgery last year. The right side of my thyroid was gone and now I had only the left side. After the surgery I had a bad infection and during this infection I started to feel twitches in my left toe. After the infection this fasciculations become spread in my body. Sometimes I get magnesium suplements and tonic water and this fasciculations become better. I had an EMG four months ago and it showed fasciculations in all muscles tested, but no other signs so the doctor said that I don't be worried because it's something called BFS. But now after 4 months I started to feel pain in muscles, specially those in my legs and it starts when I walk. After periods of rest I feel better but when I start to walk everything return and sometimes I feel like I'm loosing my force in legs too when I am walking. I'he done some tests with calcium and magnesium but they are normal. The only thing bit upper is CPK and my TSH is hight too and the doctor said I become to have hypothyroidism, so I don't know what to think because all these signs is compatible with ALS, but some of them is compatible with hypothyroidism, but I read that fasciculations only occur in hyperthyroidism and not in hypothyroidism. I'm starting to feel very sad because all of this. I'm very young (25 years old) and I don't want to face a disease like ALS as this point of my life.
Excuse me for my poor english because it's not my main language.
God stay with you.
Dear Nightwolf, Being as ill as you have been, I'm sure causes you anxiety and discomfort. I hope your doctor has given you information about your thyroid condition so you know what to expect and any possible ways to improve symptoms. If there is any way to be in touch with others who have the same medical condition, this could help you to share experiences. It does not sound to me like the fasciculations you are having are ALS related. In ALS, fasciculations are caused by degeneration of the motor neurons, and this would not be improved by magnesium supplements, I do not think. However, if you are still concerned, you may wish to see a neurologist to rule out other conditions besides hypothyroidism and BFS. There are many illnesses other than ALS that cause similar symptoms.
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