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May 10, 2008
Learn about ALS
okay i have been putting it off for awhile know. so the first thing i noticed was a problem with my left calf it was bigger then my right and above my shin was 2 lil lumps. so i want to my doctor and she ordered a ultrasound to make sure their wasn't a clot. ultrasound showed no clot and good blood flow in my leg with the problem. okay so about a 2 weeks later i started getting twitches in my left bicep and then they started all over the place. they mostly come when i lay on my stomach and put weight on my elbows. they never just happen when i'm standing there or when i'm just sitting. but now i'm getting worried because my left leg is getting smaller to me and so are my hands. but the problem with that is i read on here that with atrophy their normaly is weakness also. now both of my hands look slimmer and i can crack my fingers on both hands if i make a tight fist. plus i've also noticed the weight i used to have on my upper chest has kind of shifted done a lil. the thing that is making me crazy is i can still lift weights and run the same way i did before anything was wrong with me. but know for some reason i sake sometimes i think it's just because i'm stressing myself out alot about this problem i'm having. but the one thing that sticks in my head is my kids i have 2 boys 3 and 5 and a 6 month old daughter and the thought of leaving them makes me even more scared to go see a neuro. so they took blood tests to check my thyroid and hopefully they come back as the reason for my problems. well sorry for taking up your time. i'm a 29 year old husband and father and i'm just lost because i don't know whats going on with me. but something is and everyone keeps telling me stop looking for stuff to be wrong.
please consider seeing a doctor so you can put your mind at rest. I have a 17 year old and if my diagnosis does indeed turn out to be ALS yes - it terrifies me to think of leaving my child behind, but I want to be informed so I know how to deal with my situation. If you are not diagnosed with ALS then you can spend your energies instead with your three children. Perhaps you need to see a neurologist who is experienced in diagnosing ALS to put your mind at ease. Hang in there!:-?

you are the first person on here that I feel we are 100% in the same situation. I dont have kids but Im 29 and newly married and in the same position. there is nothing else to say other then it BLOWS...
don't sweat it

don't go freaking yourself out are a young woman so the odds of having ALS is against you...go see the neurologist for your peace of mind.
thanks for the replies. i'm going to go and have it taken care of asap. just never thought something would scare me like this. but i will relax and take it step by step.
I empathize with you. How you feel is how I feel. I just can't take this anymore.
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