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Oct 21, 2016
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Okay firstly I am sorry to whine in here, especially when alot of you are fighting immense battles and im sure it can be easy to lose patience with someone like me. I, like many posting in this section have spent hours trailing the net only to be lead to this site because of my symptoms.

I will explain a bit, first a few weeks ago I noticed a strange 'pulsing' sensation in the back of my left leg. This went on for a while then travelled to the arch of my left foot. I didnt realise it was a muscle twitch until I looked at if and realised I could see the muscle flickering under the skin. This is happening pretty much constantly in only my left leg especially in the arch of the foot. If I rub my foot the muscle twitches. I will explain a bit about myself and then my concerns.

I will be the first to admit I suffer chronic health anxiety for 10 years. I see a therapist fortnightly. I have just been through a huge trauma.

My son was born 4 weeks ago, when i was pregnant i had huge problems that was life threatening to me and my baby. I had to spend a month in hospital on bedrest, that was 2 months ago. I had to be on 4 hourly observations the whole time to make sure me or the baby didnt catch an infection. When i was on bedrest i was told i needed to inject myself because i had high risk of blood clots in my legs. I then obsessed over this fear. I examined my legs constantly and googled blood clots all the time. I was sure i would get one, my mind was in overdrive. I then began to show signs of infection and they decided to induce me so i would have my son 6 weeks early. During labour my placenta abrupted and i hemorraged. I was rushed to theatre to have an emergency section.

My recovery has been hell, my wound got infected, ive had 5 sets of antibiotics in 2 months. My son was born with breathing problems, he got out of special care 2 weeks ago. Since then he has had lots of problems, i have had to take him to a&e three times.*

That leads me to now. I havent had any proper sleep in months. I dont eat in days. I spend my time like a zombie looking after my son and the rest of it googling and worrying over these twitches in my left leg.

Ok so I know I suffer huge anxiety, BUT my mind would counterbalance this by saying people with anxiety can get these illnesses too. I went to the doctor, he didnt even look at my leg. He basically said its anxiety because I am focusing on it.

I want to believe so badly that it has to be stress and anxiety. Especially when i think about what ive been through. But i cant get rid of the immense fear that this is something more serious.

From researching online I have read that twitches are alot more worrying if only in one leg. I have also read that if you can make the part twitch by flicking it then it is also a bad sign. Also bfs seems to be more likely if the twitches are widespread.

So could anxiety really cause my left leg to twitch all over? Should I be concerned? It started in my calf and now my leg twitches constant in a few places. Is this worrying?

I really appreciate anyone who takes the time for me and replies. I know i can be draining because of my anxiety, but I am not imagining these twitches. I can see them moving. I am very afraid. Please be honest with me and I will take your opinions on board. Thank you
Twitching is too common to be diagnostic of anything.

Please read the sticky titled READ BEFORE POSTING.
I did read the sticky note at the top. I just dont see how twitching would be constant in one leg unless it had a more serious underlying cause which is why i would really appreciate opinions. Thank you
I can see you have been through a lot recently.

No matter what you think or read anywhere else, we know ALS really really really well and we can tell you without a doubt TWITCHING MEANS NOTHING

I made it nice and bold so you can really absorb it.

Jumping to ALS because of twitching would be the same as me telling a brain cancer forum I am sure I have that because I had a headache.

You need a doctor who can treat you holistically and you need friends/family to help you so you can get some sleep and catch up on some months of trauma.

I promise you that you do not have a single sign of ALS, not even one. Start catching up on yourself, you don't have time to be trawling the net on this, you have a new baby and every single day with that baby is so important - make that your priority.
Thank you for your reply. I realy hate google and how it gets you into a downward spiral of anxiety. Its hard to let go when you type in 'muscle twitches' and it leads you here. I will try to stop obsessing over this. I just wish google didnt tell me different about twitches :(
Simple solution - STOP GOOGLING and work with a doctor.
I heard some really good advice from a Doctor once: Every time you want to search a symptom on Google, search porn instead. You'll be so grossed out you will knock it off :)

Yes, NOT Googling is key.
Sheila, I think you could write your own answers. The answers to your questions are yes, anxiety can do those things, along with too little sleep and too many stimulants (baby cries, worries, caffeine, dehydration) and no, you haven't stated anything to worry about. Iron and/or B12 can be low postpartum and cause leg twitches, so you might consider what's in your diet.

I hope your son stabilizes, and I suspect you will too if you give yourself a chance.

Its the fact its all the muscles in only one leg and not the other one that is doing it. Everything I have read says that is a bad sign. But I will trust your opinion that you all say this means nothing. I will try and stop googling and thank you all for your time.

I actually read that too in one of my google searches lol
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