Scared I have ALS

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Mar 1, 2024
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I have had muscle spasms constantly for 2 weeks now. I have been to the ER doctors office anything trying to get answers. Terrified it’s ALS. It started on my calf muscles now it’s all over calf’s, thighs, eye, nose. Forearms, biceps. It’s every where. I feel like I’m getting weak. It’s causing my mental health to just melt. I haven’t been to work in 2 weeks because I can bring myself to leave the house. I just feel like this is ALS and I know it.
Doesn’t sound like any ALS onset I ever heard. What did the doctors say. Please get help. Not working for 2 weeks because you are panicked over a disease no one has diagnosed is going to ruin your life
She just did some blood work and prescribed some muscle relaxers that aren’t working. It’s already controlling my life. I’ve never been in such a dark space. especially over muscle spasms and twitching.
I'm sorry to hear that you've let something as innocuous as twitching/spasms ruin your life. Continue working with your doctor, as what you've described has nothing to do with ALS onset.

Good luck to you.
I too see no reason to think of ALS, and strongly recommend you seek counseling, even by telehealth as is instantly available if you look on line. It's easy to get a thought like this in your head and sometimes it takes help to get it out.

If the muscle relaxers aren't working, there is much you can do, even past counseling, with walking, checking in with a friend, a hot tub, massage, stretching, meditation for better sleep, etc.
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