Scared I have als. I feel like I’m dying.

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Apr 20, 2021
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Okay so bare with me this is a long one. And I hope no one gets mad. I know I am a hypochondriac and I should calm down but I haven’t been able too. So March 22nd, I got drunk and hit my head and blacked out for idk how long. But I woke up and I was fine just had a numb leg and a hurt back from the fall.

I went to the hospital to make sure I was okay a day later and the ct scan showed nothing abnormal. I still had soreness so I chalked up to that and that was that. And the numb leg was said it was a nerve I must of hit,
I went back to work felt weird and had anxiety so bad since the concussion? Idk it all started from that day I fell the anxiety that I can’t control.
I then started reading about meningitis and I was getting scared of not being able to pass a stool or fart. I then got scared over stomach problems and then I began to feel shaky and overall unwell. I have twitches in my jaw, tongue, twitches in my hands, my balance is weak. I feel weak even though the drs said nothing was wrong. I will admit I had dental work done and the teeth that needs the crown has a temporary filling and it makes my teeth misaligned. Don’t know if that has anything to do with my shaky jaw. But I hit my head twice that day when I got drunk the first time knocked me out the second time just hurt but I was fine. Anyways I read that repeated head injuries can cause als and that’s what im scared about. I’m scared I’m shaky and weak because the head injury I had a month ago. Even if my ct scan was okay and my dr doesn’t think I have als. I can’t shake to think this is the start of it because I hit my head twice. I’m super scared and I haven’t been able to think about anything else because I have been crying all day and I get randomly sad and I just read into things and I’m scared I am developing als by my head injury a month ago. I am 24 female.
You did not get ALS from a head injury. Football players who get hit hard hundreds of times in their careers can get conditions that are related.

Your CT would show if you had a bad head injury, too, but you can still feel bad weeks after a hard fall both because of your physical injuries and because you scared yourself. And, yes, misaligned teeth can affect how your jaw feels.

I hope you will see a counselor to talk about this and other things that might be bothering you, to feel better and live the life you deserve...the life that doesn't include blackout drinking, either.

I know but I read about onset bulbar als and progressive bell palsy and I’m scared I have those. I been having random crying burst to the point where I had to take a leave from work because I was crying all the time. It feels like the anxious feeling is what causes it but I’m not sure. I’m scared I don’t go on random out burst of laughter but I do cry. Also have been having this weird tingling in my forehead. Goodness I’m such a wreck rn and i feel so bad writing here but it feels like I can’t stop. I tell myself whether I have it or not what does it matter I’ll die in 2-3 years which isn’t the scary part. The scary part is losing all mobility. That scares me. I am afraid Im dying now
Nonstopanxiety - Non - Stop - Anxiety.

It's your own diagnosis! And as you wrote, second sentence first
paragraph... "I know I am a hypochondriac."

That is your most important issue now you need urgent help with.

This not a scared, freaking out. anxiety, hypochondriac Forum

You are in desperate need of counseling. This Forum can not
hold your hand until doctors can determine a diagnosis.

"and i feel so bad writing here but it feels like I can’t stop."

Yes... you can.

You need to log off, for your own mental good. Or, the Mods
may do it for you.

I hope you get the help you need but it is not here and most
likely not in the future.
Again, the help you need is in your own town -- with a counselor. Health anxiety is pretty common but still can be very disabling, as you are demonstrating. There are also "anxiety support groups" on and off line.

Please seek that help so you can feel better.
Yes I have an appointment with my counselor on the 29th. I’m just a nervous wreck. Because then I read about Huntington disease, and now I read about all these MND and now respiratory on set als. I don’t have respiratory issues but I been having upper abdominal twitches. My hands and feet’s are sweaty like crazy. I know I’m doing this to myself. But I don’t know how to stop. I got a drs appointment on the 28th. I’ll surely ask for some insight. I can’t even sleep well because of this fear. I haven’t been this scared in a while. I always been able to manage my anxiety but something feels off and that’s what scares me.
Hi there-

Please wait til after your next appointment before posting again This forum, while sympathetic, may not be the best place for someone to seek reassurance and anxiety support. There are multiple places online that can help you if you need some peer support before your therapist's appt on the 29th- No More Panic is a good forum and has a subforum specifically geared towards those worried about ALS.
It is absolutely NOT for anyone here to handhold you through classic anxiety symptoms. I am truly sorry you are going through this but no one can help you with your illness disorder. Do you not think that the folks here are going through enough already? There are resources available to get help right away, such as crisis hotlines. Please do not pull at the already exhausted members to try and help your anxiety. Please call the number listed on this website to get the help you need.

Best of luck to you and take good care.
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