Scared and unsure of if this might be ALS

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Mar 5, 2023
Learn about ALS
Hi all,

Much respect for each of you. I’m hoping to get a sense if others have experienced similar symptoms.

I am a 26 White/Hispanic female

I’m visiting my PCP this upcoming week but hoping to minimize my anxiety before then.

I noticed about 2 weeks ago atrophy in my right hand (mostly in my wrist and my ring finger) I’ve noticed this pinching sensation and pain in my wrist intermittently since then. I can still do my daily activities fine. I do feel some strain in my thumb and fingers after some activity.

I then noticed spasticity in my right forearm that has eased up - not as tight or sore. But does feel a bit fatigued after some activity

Last night I had tingling/slight pins n needles in my left ankle. Widespread twitching - everywhere plus muscle spasms everywhere. I’ve also had itching sensations in my right breast and right forearm where it has been tight. I’ve also noticed that both my arms feel like they fall asleep faster than normal.

I haven’t been exercising regularly and have been wearing both a ring and an Apple Watch on my right hand for the last couple of years. So I’m suspecting some sort of nerve neuropathy.

I’m having massive difficulty focusing as I’m uncomfortable and scared. I’m not in a situation where I have someone nearby that could be a caregiver and I’m so scared.

I’m sorry if this post isn’t appropriate. Struggling with massive anxiety and hoping to hear something reassuring.
Hello there-

Sorry your online searches have brought you here. Please make sure to read here: Read Before Posting

You report mostly sensory issues. As you will read in the link provided, this points away from ALS.

With regards to "spasticity"- this is something only a medical professional can diagnose. It doesn't just mean tightness or stiffness but an issue with the messages muscles get from the brain- there are very specific responses that a doctor can asses for. Muscle spasms are not the same as spasticity. This is not to negate your experience, but to clarify definitions and descriptions.

Please let us know how your doctor's appointment goes. I am sure you will be reassured.
The doctor ended up telling me that if it persists for another month that we should get an EMG. Some of the symptoms mentioned above have decreased since I’ve posted which I suspect isn’t ALS. Still some slight pinching sensation in the wrist. Feeling slightly weaker in my right arm (dominant arm). I’m checking in with my functional doctor next week and will have a second opinion. For now, I think everything is okay. Gonna monitor symptoms for the next month
Today I had spasms in weird places like my ear and the back of my throat. I’m curious does muscle spasms stay localized? I’m having difficulty focusing bc my body is in a bit of discomfort.
You are describing ALS even less at this point.

Considering an EMG order is covering the waterfront, but does not mean any clinical suspicion of ALS or anything like it.
That’s helpful and makes sense. Thank you. Still some underlying anxiety as the symptoms haven’t gone away. After your definition, I believe it’s a combination of spasms and muscle cramps.

But from what I understand, cramps usually doesn’t present itself without some sort of weakness.

I’ve been taking lemon balm which seems to significantly minimize the frequency of the symptoms. I’m presuming that wouldn’t happen with ALS.

also a few days in the last two weeks had a sharp electric feeling down the sides of my spine.

Feeling a little bit more relieved but still a bit anxious. I appreciate you taking the time to respond. It was reassuring.
Hi all - since last message. Noticed a decrease in symptoms during the day. For the most part muscle cramps have decreased. I went to the chiro on Thursday and actually felt relatively normal after. However, my left bicep feels locked and isn’t relaxing.

Last night had muscle cramps in my legs which means it’s moved from my upper body to lower body. My functional medicine doctor did a strength test and checked my reflexes. He doesn’t have any reason for concern and told me he doesn’t believe I need to see a neurologist.

My understanding is that symptoms don’t come and go. So I wouldn’t just not have muscle cramps for one or two days. So I’m hoping thats in my favor
ALS symptoms don't come and go. I wish they did.

I don't think it's good for your anxiety to stay on this forum or search with Google.

Work with your doctors and trust them.

This forum is not a general health forum, and, as such, continuing to post innocuous non-ALS symptoms is not appropriate. You've been told many times that you do not evidence this disease. Please be respectful of this news and move on from this forum; for your own good.

Take care and good luck to you.
Thank you both. I apologize. I didn’t mean to be disrespectful. I appreciate both your comments. I’ll move forward.
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