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Mar 30, 2007
Learn about ALS
i had an emg done on tuesday and the results were good. it was done by a als clinic at mass general hospital. thing that worry me still are i am worried it is in the early stages and not showing in an emg yet. scared that it might pick up speed. today not doing so well not much twitching but really feel weak and not right. i am hoping this is not als and it might be in my head or it is something else. this is driving me crazy i have heard of people making them self sicker then they really are even to the point of making them think they are having trouble moving. again sorry for my rants and my prays are with all of you. just not ahppy the doctors are not checking to see if it is something else like an autoimmune disease because i think they are scared to rule those out because they do not want to diagnosed als
Steve I know how you feel I still think they are missing something on me they dont know everything it could be something new they dont know about. I have ALS 8 years Why is that shouldnt I be worse I am so thankful I am not but with every new symptom I wonder if I could be doing something . I just think the doctors have alot to learn Dont dwell I try to be positive all the time and kind of say the hell with these symptoms and make like they arent there i dont know if thats good but it works for me,Steve I dont think you have ALS at all Good luck Pat
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