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Jun 20, 2008
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First thank you for taking the time to read my post and reviewing my symtoms. I have had a rough past month, especially anxiety regarding the way i am feeling.

this all started about 2-3 months ago with my right hand becoming painful along the bones/muscles that run up to your fingers. my thumb would also twitch inward, like if i was holding a mouse it would twitch towards the mouse. i attributed this to carpal tunnel.

now on May 21 i started getting a internal trembling feeling starting in my right hand but then the next day in both hands.(also having night sweats). On May 23 i was having muscle cramps and twitching in right leg and my knee was very painful to walk on. that night my foot/toes/and hands were also cramping. (had night sweats again). May 22 i was now having random twtiching throughout my entire body (again had night sweats, and not sleeping well). may 23 now having tightness on the right side of my face underneath my eye. thought i may have had a stroke went to ER and got a CAT scan , so it was ruled out.

the knee pain continued for at least another whole week while i learned to stay off of it during the day. my right leg would cramp up VERY bad during this time, especially at night when trying to sleep. legs would feel very tired especially when trying to walk through a store, afterwords i would feel like i just ran 3 miles.

so since my first onset of major symtoms, i am now still having random full body twitching, cramping mostly in right leg, top of right foot, and other small cramps/pains that come and go especially on my right forearm and fingers in both hands. have also lost a lot of weight in only 4 weeks. I also have problems with fine motor skills... like trying to pick something up, i will sometimes knock it over. or flip a light switch, open a cabinent, i will usually miss it the first time and have to do it again.

the other thing that concerns me is the night sweats that i am having usually 2-3 times a week. these are soaking sweats were i have to towel off. can anxiety cause night sweats? i am having a lot of anxiety.

i have had a MRI which was normal, lots of blood work, all normal. I have to go back in 2 weeks for an EMG.

thank you for your time.

oh, and also i have only been sleeping at most maybe 4 hours a night for the past 2 weeks.
forgot to mention i am only 25, and the muscle twitching is usually all day at least once a minute. i have had a CBC, thyroid, lymes and several other blood test all normal.
Having spent a couple of years accompanying my husband through diagnostic procedures due to his muscle atrophy, muscle spasm, muscle weakness, fasciculations etc., I would lean more toward some sort of peripheral neuropathy happening to you. EMG, nerve conduction, a sensory motor blood panel, and lumbar puncture would help to get to the bottom of what is happening with you. These diseases are vary hard to diagnose but a good start is having an assessment by a neurologist at a neuromuscular disease unit. Not all neurologists have the expertise in these disorders. We wasted a couple of years being followed by a regular neurologist, and only got answers at the neuromuscular disease unit. Good luck.
can all these symptoms come up this quickly?

i haven't really noticed any weakness until last month.
i also seem to be very hyperreflexive when i wake during the night, in both hands and feet... any help?
have you been to see your doctor for any type of testing to look into general causes for your symptoms? It might help to set your mind at ease to get looked at and tested. Night sweats can be caused by a variety of reasons as can some of your other symptoms.
yes i've been checked for just about everything... i have an EMG next week.
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