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Mar 5, 2006
I was wondering if anyone had problems with their scalp from als. I get an itchy scalp a lot and lots of pimples that come and then dry up with white scaly skin. Weird but true.

thanks, whitey
me too! My neurologist said that it was not related to the ALS. But I find that it is very common!
My scalp is dry too but I shave it so that could make it drier. It flakes too but I don't get the pimples. I've had problems with pre cancerous growths so just put it down to that.
Hi guys,
I definately have dry, scaly scalp and a rash? pimples? that will bleed when I scratch them. Much as described by Whitey. I forgot to mention it to my ALS doctor.
I used Neutrogena non residue shampoo and it helped for awhile, but it is back again. I read somewhere that Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Oil shampoo would help, but I have not tried it. This was on another website that talked about the same problem with PALS, but I don't have the site.
Hugs and prayers, Leah
dry scalp, skin


Interesting. I feel like a human dandrift factory so called my Dr.'s nurse about flaking skin everywhere. Asked if w/ thinning hair, no energy, weight gain from 5 yr. undiagnosised slow onset could thyroid be involved. When i gardened in so Ill. 8-10 hours in summer heat, took scalding long bathes, skin fine, except for hands as mainly gloveless. After 4 weeks called her again, she said yes is ALS, not thyroid. Friends encouraged me to get thyroid test anyway, did so and it was normal.

There are often external corelations to internal maladys. ?true or not? skin tags and colon polops. years ago got skin tags, no one in family ever had b4, they stayed 4 years. After sizeable pyolop removed they disappeared on their own. True 4 me. Have certainly read about certain features that go along w/genetic mutations that cause health problems.

For skin tried many heavy lotions, creams but they did not work. Finally made stuff similar to one that helped hands in Carbondale. It is pure lanolin and olive oil. used to put water souable E in it but trying to keep it simple now. best after bath while water still on skin. Dogs are only too willing to clean this mix off so keep their tongues at distance. Helps w/ my burning feet too.

Don't know if acceptable to bring up another symptom here. If not, I need to know how to start a new thread. For future posts, also how to find place where i add 2 cents. didn't think b4 when typed reply, thought should go back to see if response but when away from forum couple days, just forgot.

This is question I came here to ask. I would please like to know if anyone has this, any variation or not. Husband been wanting me to ask. Don't know what to call it so named it eye anomialies Haven't heard of this at all and am afraid it sounds awful crazy. I have never taken recreationial drugs. If someone described this to me b4 it became my problem, thats what i would think instantly. Some images got me wondering if poor beleagued brain trying to tell me something. If so it has started to shout. I have to ask now as is getting kind of scary. I wrote a few down as there was no way to remember all.

This started happening months ago when progression speeded up. When blinked eyes a very clear scene on back of eyelids. At first interesting, even fascinating. Like pictures I have seen of aurora borealis except that it was water like, with each small drop of water individually distinct. Not like a photo but in motion, kind of abstract, different each time although now & then slightly similar. Later the drops started travelling down, slowly sinking, still pretty colors, detail. Later others started to look like sucked down in blender.

Next were scenes in black & white that looked like still silhouettes of plants with roots. something about plants looked healthy, guess roots & branches spred out. Then a weird, hard to describe moving scene of nothing but 0's, 1's, +'s, & -'s moving up and out from center to all directions in fast, orderly fashion. Later the plant like figures came back, different, altered like root rot had killed. I am long time gardener...this when wondered if message in there.

The changes that bother me are that scenes lately are nebulus & after opening eyes, in peripheral & in front. I woke up yesterday 3 am to vague human shape over me, too close for comfort. Last 18 months haven't had more than 2 hr. sleep at a time, lately a lot less than that. wonder if that contributes to this.

think u can see why i hesitate to mention this. funny farm and ALS...oh no!

Hi Kath. When you click on one of the main topics and it takes you to the page with the titles of the threads up in the top left is a green spot with new thread written in it. Click on it and type in the title of your new thread and fill in what you want to say in the space provided. I'm assuming you are using the default style of the forum. there are 2 styles and I'd have to switch over to check how to start a new thread but if I recall it is similar.
As for the symptoms they kind of sound like what my dad described with his glaucoma. Have you had your eyes checked lately?
seeing things

Thanks. quite frankly while regist. when questions asked that i didn't understand, just went to next one. if something was pre-ck'ed, left it. that's why was suprised my city, state was missing on posts. i am new to computers & net.

Always wonder when add comment to older post if anyone sees it & responds. When i forget title of thread, never find out as explore threads haven't seen.

do you think i should repost shorter, less detail,( typed as recalled, should have edited more out, but my body stretcher arrived-cann't miss that )version of seeing things on its own thread. really hoped to get a few reports...maybe connected to sleep thing. think sleep deprivat. is why memory stinks lately.

14-18 months ago had eyes ck'ed. bifocals all that was new. waiting to make appt. 4 many things till we get ramp or van( this may b soon )or house that has less or no stairs.

meant to answer one of your first questions long ago. yes contacted local ALS, they were very inactive then due to open positions. Temp. worker who applied 4 position was incred. helpful, sent info. right away. The person hired is ( started in march or april), 30 hours not 40 & is for whole state of Ky. I've been trying to get some answers from her since 6-8. left e-mails w/ questions & voice mail. she has left my husband hanging b4 too. once about app. w/ her, other times not calling when she said she would. she e-mails me she will call but doesn't. my communications seem to go to twilight zone, or maybe ghost erases them.:lol:

Louisville or Cincinnati aren't that far away. Try giving them a call. Don't worry about posts. There are a few rocket scientists here but for the most part we're just plain folks and no one gets uppity if someone makes a mistake. Take care. AL.
Hi Everyone,
It's still too early for me to beable to tell you if it's going to help with the dry skin etc. but one of my doctors is trying some alternative medicines with me. He read a report about Parkinsons Disease and how adding Codliver Oil to a persons diet has been shown to slow the progess down. As he read on it started talking about how they think it may be good for ALS patients too. We figured, it couldn't hurt and if nothing else it might help with the dry skin and lube all my other parts too.

Love and Prayers
Glad I Saw This!

Im new to forum and I was just browsing around and glad I saw this. My husband has ALS and he has dry flaky scalp also. So I guess it is one of symptons.
Dry scalp

I also had dry flaky scalp until about 3 weeks ago. I found a product call Skin Zinc this is the best thing I have found for dry scalp. I have very little problems with dry scalp if I use it after I wash my head. I think CVS carries it. You can find it on the Inter-net. Howdy
I wonder if the dry skin and scalp happen because when something as important as muscles and nerves start to go, the rest of the body is also affected on some level? I thought my dry scalp is due to the fact that it is tiring for me to shampoo and I think sometimes I don't rinse as well as I once did. But now I see there may be other reasons. Interesting...
Stan (my husband) not only has a very itchy scalp but it also effects inside his ears. He has had a full head of hair right through to his 70's. It the past 2 years as the disease progressed his hair has thinned and he has been fighting a "cradle cap" like eczema . Lots of drandruff.

I too thought that this is due to some lack of vitamin, mineral aborption or maybe even an enzme deficiency.

Hi Marianne. I too have a bit of dry scalp now and if any of you have seen pictures of me I haven't had the need to shampoo for a while. I get the dryness in the ears which bugs me because I wear a hearing aid in one ear. AL.
I found a coca butter oil at the drug store that works like the lotion Kathymc mentioned. You put it on while the skin is still wet. No more flaky skin on my arms and legs for me! Doesn't it feel great to solve one thing, no matter how small?
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