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Sep 12, 2006
Tomorrow my daughter is getting married and I have a hard time with my speech and of course I sweat it out. The being in big crowds and eating, drinking etc. But tomorrow is not about me it's about my wonderful daughter w/my 3 year old grandbaby starting a new wonderful and blessed life. So say a little prayer that I will be fine. I told God today I would be in his lap for him to carry me. My daughter gave a speech tonight at the rehearsal dinner,(one of those emotional ones) I was crying a little and my grand daughter, Kenley yells out nana's crying and she came running and started wiping my tears, that's what you live for, those moments. Thanks & God Bless, Rhonda
I hope your daughter's wedding is as lovely as can be. May she and your new son-in-law have a long and happy life together! As for the speech difficulties, our loved ones don't often hear it! My nice had a co-worker with bulbar onset and nobody at the office noticed her slurred words until the customers remarked. People tend to see us for what they love about us. Your daughter's wedding will be a wonderful memory for you and your family! Cindy
I know what you are feeling My son was married and i was so uptight about my speech I had to take aa xanax ,and that helped .Also your family knows and loves you I made it my business to keep my sentences short and sweet , and my husband was always with me to chime in . Injoy you day and dont worry about what people think ITHINK THEY LOVE YOU Pat
what beauty and elegance

Rhonda, don't worry. I will say a prayer for you, your daughter, new son-in-law, sweet granddaughter, and the rest of the family. Although, from the sound of your letter, it seems your are surrounded by love. You will be fine and I doubt anyone will be paying any attention to your speech. You are too lovely and elegant. All the happiness and success to your daughter and son-in-law! Toni
All the best Rhonda. You'll be fine. AL.
It will be a marvelous day!
Have fun with it, my prayers to you that it comes out as you wish.

Cheers to the Bride and Groom!
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