Sandy Loam, how are you

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Nov 27, 2006
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Sandy, i have not heard from you, how are you. Give us an update...
Hi everyone,
Jamie, I've been out of town all week.
My wife is back and informed. I got a lot cleared up in her absence.
They found a problem in an MRI of my neck. A pinced nerve is the suggestion. My twitching has dropped to near zero and there is hope of no further wasting?
I'm thinking that the clean EMG with this nerve issue will be ultimate outcome.
I miss you folks, things have been hectic for me lately.
Out for now

How did Tom S switch to Sandy L. What is going on? I too wondered how Sandy is doing. This is not an answer. Al? Cindy? Dave? Am I reading this wrong? It did not sound like Sandy so I went to both Tom S and Sandy posts and checked it out. Help please, Peg
I think Tom posted on the wrong thread. Maybe his nickname is Sandy. Or at 141 am they're loaded. I checked and they are different people. Although Tom registered on the 12th which is the same day of Sandy Loams last post. Could this be an X File? I'm not sure. In any case it's only been a week since Sandy Loam was last posting so it is possible that they are away or having computer problems. I'll keep an eye out for them.
Dear Al,

That's twice you made me LOL today. Good Work! and God Bless you. Peg
No X file but Very Interesting

Hi Everyone,
I doing fine.
Tom S I believe you have some explaining to do or perhaps someone with access to your computer has some explaining to do. Either way get busy explaining this.
I never had any MRI"s, I am not Dx, however I am traveling as I write. I'm in Houston Texas.
Jamie, I will be able to report more in about two weeks following an EMG, until then be safe all and make a precious memory.unun
Out for now and for awhile.
The real.............Sandy Loamoo
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