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Sep 19, 2010
The ALS Association launched a national campaign to raise public awareness of our military heroes fighting ALS and those who have been lost to the disease. The campaign will continue through Veterans Day on November 11th and will deliver key messages about the connection between ALS and military service -- messages that draw attention to this disease and which can generate support for our cause.

An overview of the campaign is provided below. We encourage you to participate in the campaign in as many ways as you can, including by uploading your story and photo to our "Wall of Honor," sending a letter-to-the-editor of your local newspaper or simply forwarding our updates and alerts to friends, family and colleagues. Your efforts can make a difference not only for our veterans, but for everyone whose life has been touched by ALS.

Key Activities

Wall of Honor: This visual tribute recognizes our military heroes with ALS as well as those veterans we already have lost to the disease. The Wall includes scrolling photographs of veterans from across the country to help put a face on the disease and its impact on veterans. Veterans and family members can upload photos to the Wall and share their ALS story. If you are a veteran or know a veteran with ALS, we encourage you to spread the word and join the Wall today!

Video: Videos featured on our website and distributed via social media in the coming weeks will highlight the connection between ALS and military service and also provide information about the services available to veterans and their families, including vital benefits available from the VA.

Social Media: Throughout the campaign, The Association will utilize Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to communicate key messages and information.

Letters-to-the-Editor: The Association once again will make available sample letters-to-the-editor prior to Veterans Day that individuals can easily send to their local newspapers via our Advocacy Action Center.

Please participate in this campaign and spread the word. By doing so, you not only raise awareness and support for our military heroes, but for all people living with ALS and their families.

Thank you!
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