Runny nose

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Feb 11, 2008
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This may have been addressed somewhere else but, I haven't found it.

My question is this: is an unusual runny nose normal for als patients with bulbar symtoms?

My mother has begun to have a constant runny nose. She has never had an allergy problem before, so I am wondering if als is the cause for this.:confused:
My husband had bulbar symtoms and never had a runny nose with it. Maybe she is starting with allergies now. Anyway, he never had anything like that.
I have a runny nose every day and blame my Bipap. I get it with or without the heat on the humidifier and yet my mouth is dry as a bone. Go figure!
Runny Nose!

My mom's nose runs all the time! In fact, as she's lost most of her speech, one of the few things she does say is "nose", which means it needs to be wiped. We've got her using the microphone deal, so it's a bit comical hearing "nose" so loudly.

It's the worst in the morning. Also, if I lean her forward even a tiny bit while she's in the chair to readjust, when I lean her back, she's got stalactites galore!

As usual, it's always nice to hear that others have some of the same issues!
Hi Kylisa,

My Dad is the same way but he does have allergy's. What he finds helps him is the breath right strips. He puts it on at night and his nose clear's out then the next day it seem to run less. So it might be worth a try, good luck!

Yes my nose runs more than usual since I have ALS. My heads always itchy my legs and feet are cold to the touch,my appetite stinks My arms and hands are good for nothing Half the time no one knows what I am saying I fall more then I stand,I cant tun in bed anymore I am pissed off all the time .Runny nose is the least of my complaints. except I have a problem blowing it. LOL

But whats the use of complaining!

Now Pat, would you be describing a good day or a bad day here?
Seems like I been having more bad days then good Al
Sorry to hear that. Hope something comes along to change that for you.
My bulbar-onset PALS husband complained of having a runny nose two or three months prior to and at the time of diagnosis, but has not had that problem for several months now.
If we ever manage to get humidified BiPAP set-up for him, maybe he'll be like Al and have a runny nose again. Right now because the company which is supplying the BiPAP has been out of humidifiers and we've never yet been able to get humidified BiPAP, he is using BiPAP without humidity and has a very dry mouth and nose. We are changing companies and hopefully tomorrow will have a whole new set-up complete with humidity.
Pat, I'm so sorry things seem so bad for you right now. There's nothing wrong with complaining once in a while. I hope things can get more tolerable somehow.
All the best,

Pat and Al

You two gave me a good laugh! I know George agrees with you both. And yes, Al,
I think his bipap has alot to do with his runny nose. And Pat, he can't blow his nose either!

Hang in there guys! If it helps, I am on my knees praying for you all every day and night! :)

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