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I bought a similar roll up ramp (;-3'-Roll-Up-Ramp/spec.cfm?productID=641 ) to carry in the back of my van for use at inaccessible stores and such. I found it to be heavy and awkard to set up not to mention expensive as well as taking up a fair chunk of trunk space. I since bought a piece of 28"x4' 5/8" plywood that lies on the floor of my van taking up no space. It is much lighter than the aluminum ramps, has no set-up time and cost $10.

Hi Georgia. I think we discussed these type of ramps last year. You might be able to find the thread with a search.
type in rollerramp to get the old thread.
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georgia said:
Anyone used this kind of ramp?
The ad looks easy.

I work for the company, and i also use one myself. the thing about it is you can roll it up for transport or storage, and it is strong aircraft-quality aluminum. when i take mine down i use the quick release pins so i can separate it shorter. you can also just add to it if you need it longer instead of having to buy another ramp. after i had mine, i went to work for the company, and we get the same response everywhere, people love it.

Mounted Roll-A-Ramp

georgia said:
The old thread ust talked about the portable one. How about the mounted one. If I read the price right [I am going to call] it is around $2700 that sounds good. But is it as good as it looks?

I might be biased because I work for the company, but we've put a couple in people's vans here that I could give you their phone numbers. They would be happy to talk with you about it. One is a child who is growing up with it and another who has CP. Both have it installed in full size vans. It's nice because there are no vehicle modifications so you can use the van you have. Saves a lot of money.


Bumping this up from three years ago.

Any pALS/cALS have experience with the Roll-A-Ramp that mounts to the vehicle?

This is the ramp that I was interested in last fall to use in my garage, to get into the house. My thinking was that I could also use it so Jim could go out the back door to the patio. Only Jennifer from UK said she had one (and her link showed it really wasn't the same).

I wanted to see it first- let Jim test it with his chair & let me test the "portability" factor.
But checking the weights given for different lengths, this didn't seem feasible for me. (and I am a much "bigger girl" than you, and am not a weakling! However, the size for a vehicle would be shorter, I would think)
The problem was I couldn't find anyone except a guy from Long Island (NY), who at first said he would drive down to us (?) and then didn't "get back to us".

I know they show it's use for car/van; we sent for the info from the company (including a DVD demonstrating the different applications).

If you do decide to go this route, google first. I found lots of places that had it for sale that was less than the price directly from the company.

In the end, we built a permanent ramp. It cost the same as the discounted price of the roll-a-ramp would have cost us.
I have a 5 foot and a 10 ft. folding ramp from the ALS Ont. loan closet. The 5 ft is around 40 pounds and the 10 is 81 lbs. Might be worth a phone call to ALSA or MDA.

I have bought ramps from a store that deals in trailers; mUCH CHEAPER THAN disability stores.
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