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Apr 27, 2011
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My mom passed away of ALS last June. She hung on for over six years and was laughing and singing right up to the day before she left us. Although she left us naturally she was an intensive care nurse and was not shy about discussing the issue of death - demanding that she have a DNR (do not Resuscitate ) directive in place. She didn't discuss assisted suicide with me - I think as her daughter she was trying to shelter me but I know she believed that the choice of when and how one's life is to end should be an individual choice.

For those PALS and non-PALS who are interested in this issue I wanted to pass on some information about a case that has been brought in the British Columbia Supreme Court challenging Canada's criminal laws prohibiting assisted suicide. The case was brought by a couple who took their mother to Switzerland to end her life. She had spinal stenosis, a degenerative condition, which confined her to a wheelchair, unable to feed herself, and suffering from chronic pain - the disease would have completely immobilized her - leaving her reduced to lying flat in bed for the remainder of her life - sound familiar? The case is also being brought by the BC Civil Liberties Association and a doctor from Victoria BC who is in favor of changing the laws. You can access the Press Release and Court documents at: Medically-Assisted Dying

I'm a volunteer with the BCCLA and I know that they are open to hearing from individuals who are interested in getting involved in this case - specifically those who are terminally ill and want to gain the right to choose how and when their life ends.
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