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Feb 2, 2007
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Has anyone on this forum had any success or disappointments with the Rife Frequency Generator for treating ALS?
What does it do?

Hi Liz,

The Rife Treatment Generator is an alternative therapy for cancer. It uses electrical or ultrasound impulses and, from what I have read, is a crock. One woman was sued for talking a cancer patient into using it instead of chemotherapy and the woman died. I don't think it is something I would ever spend money on!
Hi TOM Why not just hook up a 12 volt car battery to your cujones? It would be much cheaper and would probably work as well and you'd have an extra battery for your fishing boat. I hope you don't take ofense to my ridiculous answer but some of these so called cures just make so mad I have to make a joke about it. I guess it's the black humor we firefighters have.
My husband has just been diagnosed with ALS. My aunt is convinced that the rife machine helps her daughter with Lyme. Ny mom has one so we can use it for free so I figure there is no harm in trying it -- has anyone tried this with any results? If so, what frequencies did you have good results with?
Oooooh, Al, 12 volt batteries and cables hooked to .....!

Now you're talking my language!

I love to be zapped with electrical current. AC/DC, doesn't matter!

It makes me feel so ALIVE!
The Rife Frequency Generator and Royal Rife, the parent company, exists not only to sell you machines but to disparage other modes of treatment, such as chemo and surgery for cancer. (You can understand the agenda -- you wouldn't want someone to deteriorate on your machine and then be monitored clinically, or later helped by other options -- not a likely source of a happy testimonial.)

As a health outcomes researcher who worked at a leading cancer center for six years and sadly knew some of my colleagues as patients as well, I can tell you with confidence that chemo and surgery actually do slow down and in some cases cure cancer. Period. Ripping patients off is one thing; persuading them not to treat disease conventionally can amount to shortening their lives.

Admittedly, modern medicine doesn't offer anything for ALS from the "cure" standpoint, but there's no point in wasting hope and dollars on a machine that was a fad in the 1930s, when we knew far less about the causes of disease. Clearly killing "microbes" isn't going to fix a disease that isn't caused by them. Nor are there any controlled studies demonstrating that a Rife machine has ever killed any pathogens at all, let alone improved health status by any objective measure.

Money can buy a lot of things that might make life better for someone with ALS. A Rife machine isn't one of those things.
I understand the skepticism. I myself am a skeptic but again my question is: Has anyone tried it? What frequency? Results?

(Because my mom has one of these machines this is not costing us any money.)
Doesn't look like anyone tried it. This thread is 3 years old. Has the mfgr. not provided instructions?

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