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May 7, 2003
i copied and pasted this from the old temporary forum:

i called my boss today and told her i wouldn't be in this week and to not put me on the schedule next week. i told her that i was thinking of quitting. she's really sad about it and says she's really going to miss me. we've been working together for 12 years and we're very close. i said i'm going to use this time to decide what i must do. dave had tears in his eyes this morning when i told him i was probably going to quit work. it breaks my heart seeing my big strong husband so sad! not to worry though! we were laughing together shortly after! :lol: :lol: we do that soooo well together

i just had to get this off my chest! i'm so glad to have a place like this! 8)
I think you are making the right decision. Money isn't everything. We found out that when I retired. The money isn't the same but the good times still can be.
Copied this one too

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I go to West Park on Tues for the sleep over. As far as I know they are supposed to set me up with it then. We shall see. I'll keep you all posted. Have a good weekend everyone.

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Hi deb:

only you know How productive you feel and ultimately How to spend your time. if it's time to get into sometHing else you can still get tHat good feeling of being productive... just at sometHing new!

good luck!


... geez i gotta get an icon... better warm up photoshop!.

have fun y'all!

Hey t glad to see it isn't only me having trouble with caps and punctuation. thought i had maybe had too much red wine but your posts are a little screwy too so must be tHe system and not us. wHew! thought i was losin it.
Good luck al at west park.i hope everything goes well for you.
let us know how it turns out for you.
take care elaine

Don't want to sound stupid however is there no chance of long term disability?
don't know where this last one came from... but i believe that anyone who pays taxes here is eligible for long term disability through revenue canada. happy form filling!
Good morning,
this is a tough call for me too. how long to keep working. i'm only 39 so its hard to call it retirement. the company i work for has been fantastic throughout this whole thing. i work for a very large building supplies company. i used to be a buyer, but since losing my voice, i more or less punch a keyboard all day. i'm still able to drive to work and for the most part am able to do my job without any problems. getting ready in the morning is exhausting. hate the mornings. and by the time i get home i'm pretty tired. i don't have long term disability through my insurance plan at work, only six month. so after that i'm on government disability. my wife (holly) would like me to quit. she feels that i would be able to concentrate more on my health. sleep when tired, eat when hungry etc. i'm worried that i'll never get out of bed. and, although i can't speak, i still associate with everyone at work. its that denial thing again. advice from any of you on this would help. i'm finding to be a very tough decision. thanks
Hi les,
i really don't tHink it's denial , just fear of tHe unknown. i'm in tHe same boat as you.tHis week i told my boss to go aHead and Hire someone to replace me, and les , it's really very Hard to let go. i've worked twenty years at tHis job i've met alot of good people and to say bye to all of it is very very Hard. like Holly my Husband wants me to stay Home.i 'm afraid i will not know wHat to do witH myself. anotHer journey we must face and i'm sure you and i and everyone else will find otHer interesting tHings to do witH our time. we probably will be saying tHat tHere's not enougH time in tHe day for everytHing we want to do.we migHt really enjoy it. we just don't know until we start tHat cHapter in our lives. we'll Have to keep eacH otHer informed on our progress. take care for now and remember you're not elaine
Thanks elaine,
this is where this forum is so important. to be able to talk to somebody going through the same thing as me is so helpful. i'm a person who doesn't make a lot of drastic changes, but once i do it usually works out for the best. so we'll see.
i retired early in june of 03 with the intention of working a bit of part time to finance the travels that i had planned. i was having some symptoms but wasn't diagnosed until late oct 03. this changed our plans. by this time i was feeling too tired to work even part time. thankfully i had opted to take the extra medical ins. and life ins. that was offered at retirement. i wouldn't get it now. as far as i know now but i have to talk to my acountant i am better off taking my omers pension than applying for disability. i am applying for the disability tax credit though. my own personal opinion is that when faced with what we are facing is to have as much fun at what makes you happy. if it is work do it. if it is sitting at home looking at the tv do it. if it is sitting here doing postings at all the sites for als do it. do what you think makes you happy. you are the important one. your care giver is important too but you have to make the decisions with their help for what is best for you.
For those that are interested. after 6 nights in the rehab center i busted out this morning with my bipap under my arm. they have given me a pretty good knowledge of what it is all about andi feel comFortable taking off For parts unknown For 4-6 weeks with it. it is nice to be able to go to sleep in some other position other than my right side. i can even lie on my back without gasping For breath. until it happens to you you have no idea how terrifying that can be. the people at west park are great. i can't begin to thank them enough. we are planning to get off to fla. on tues. but i'll keep an eye on the Forum and post when i can.
Al ,glAd to heAr thAt everything went well for you At west pArk.the most importAnt thing is you got your bipAp mAchine.i hope you hAve mAny restful nights now. you will be glAd to leAve cAnAdA And get AwAy from this cold.soAk up some sun And get plenty of vitAmin d, they sAy it's good for you.

les, it wAs much eAsier the second dAy After you tell them you're leAving.they told me At work thAt it might tAke A month or two before they find A replAcement. i reAlly don't know if i cAn stAy there thAt long .i get so tired now.i guess i'll just hAve to tAke eAch dAy As it comes.
keep wArm And stAy strong .elAine
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