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Oct 6, 2004
Hi guys ,
Just wanted to let you all know that on Friday I finally called it quits after twenty years.
It was a very sad day for me. I was always the one to say I will work even when I'm 65. Never take anything for granted in this life. Als has taken that away from me among so many other things.Life really is very funny.People who want early retirement don't get it and people like me who loves their job and wanted to work has to take early retirement because of sickness .Go figure. One of the great mysteries of life.
Les , How are you doing? Are you finding things to do since you retired?
Let me know how you're coping.Diane the same goes for you,What are you doing with your time?
I really don't know what I will do.First couple of weeks will be all right I have a lot to do around the house after that I will have to come up with some plans.
Yes, Theresa I will be at the walk I don't know if I will be able to walk the whole distance but I will try.
Carol, It was so nice to hear from you.You have always been a person [with the greatest way] of giving the right advice when needed.
I admire that, with all that you have been through and still you are on the forum to help us.I just hope you will keep us all on track and remind us when we fall off.
Everyone stay strong
Elaine congratulations..retired and still walking...never mind the is low season in the Carribean I suggest the all inclusive Holiday Inn, Montego Bay. You can pick up a very cheap fare from Toronto Just say YYZ MBJ. You will love it. Have been looking for pics but cant find em.

Hi Elaine,

Well, you have come to the right decision. I know that now you do not want to hear that. But, retirment can be fun, I guess, I do not know. Would like to try it though. ha..... maybe, for a couple of months, and then I am sure I would be pulling my multi coloured hair, to cover the grey, right out of my head. ha... You will find lots of things to do now. You will be able to sleep in, cook all the wonderful things that your family likes, garden, clean your house to the point of "gleam" , visit with Al and Lee, drink wine out on the patio, have afternoon naps, wow, read, go for long walks in the park, have extra time with your family, should I stop now? If that is not enough, I sure can use an extra set of hands down here in Sarnia. I need new tiles laid in my bathroom, a new tub installed, new countertop, should I stop now? you can see, you will be plenty busy, and your purpose in life now, has just shifted. It is time for you. And you will be okay. You can still go into work and visit, and maybe even help out in a volunteer situation. It will seem surreal to you for a couple of weeks and then you will start to enjoy yourself. I promise you. Hope you are doing okay and staying strong. My hats off to you girl. Take care, and I will check in on you soon. Love and hugs to you.

Carol xo
Elaine - Congratulations on making the step into retirement. I'm sure it seems weird but as Carol says, you will get used to it. My girlfriend who does not work has found that people will try to keep you busy...."since you're not working". Also, you could join Chris & Theresa in their hard work for ALS awareness. Well, I hope you don't mind all our "opinions" and ides for things to do. You will find what fits as time goes along. Melissa
Congratulations on your retirement, Elaine!

I haven't been around the forum long enough to really get to know you, but you seem to be a voice of reason here and have a calming influence.

Cheers and good luck to you!
Hi Elaine,
This retirement thing has its good points and bad points. I, like you, left work in the peak of my working years (I'm 39). I've been there 16 years and love it. The people I work with are my friends, I met my wife there. They were so good to me and would have helped me in any way if I were to stay. They bought me a computer so I could communicate, gave me a private office etc. They were great and I miss them. But the last few months before I left, it was difficult. The whole morning routine, get up, shower, shave, get dressed, drive to work all before 7:00am was exhausting. I have to be careful what and how I eat and I was losing weight. Now I have a routine at home that is comfortable and moves at my pace. Finally, I just wasn't feeling comfortable at work anymore. Not being able to talk has been really difficult for me, and although everyone there was super understanding, and I had my speech computer I felt awkward, embarassed, and really out of the loop. I would find myself avoiding people and these are people I've known like family for 16 years.
Three months later I know it was the right decision. Funny thing is, I talk more through emails with the gang now than I did when I was there. Go figure. Being home is nice. The weather here in Surrey has been fantastic and I've spent a lot of time on the deck with a good book, nothing wrong with that. However I do get bored, really bored! Its tough because my hands don't work very well, so I can't really build or repair anything, my neck is very weak, which keeps me from doing a lot of yardwork. I can walk a bit, but not far enough to even remotely satisfy my dog. She can't figure out what the hell is going on. And last, not being able to talk makes dealing with the public i.e. shopping,eating out etc really a pain, and all my friends and family work. I can still drive, so I get to drive my daughter back and fourth from school which is nice. She's 16 so I'll be teaching her to drive this summer.
Its been an adjustment for me Elaine, but its definately better for me healthwise. Once I learn to do what I can instead of what I could, I'll be allright. Its a beautiful day.

Iam not retired but on long term dis. after 32 years with Air Canada. I was able to work all over the world meeting different people ... however I have found other goals and achieved will also... all the best

I retired 3 years ago (at 38 )...
And now I get to look for ways to get into Trouble!

I gotta tell ya...I usually find it and it's fun (bwahahaha!)

Time off takes a little gettin' used to...
Just stay active and maybe try something new.

You won't regret it.
Trust me. :wink:
I'm sure we can find work for you to do Elaine with the Walk for ALS in Peel June 11. We'll keep you as busy as you want to be.
Hi Elaine. I expect it will be quite an adjustment after years of the same routine. But as the rest say, it is time for you now and your family. Do what you have been putting off, enjoy the weather, when we get some decent days. Volunteering is great, we could use all the help we can get in any capacity. There has been a ton of computer work and emails sent to contact various organizations, community members to assist us. We could keep you going for days and weeks. And hopefully we will begin our next years walk challenge early allowing a variety of areas help raise funds and be within their years agenda.
Seriously, go out and enjoy yourself.
Thanks everyone for all your good wishes.I like all the jobs you have in line for me.Truth be known...... I have a lot to do around the house but I haven't done anything yet. I have had so many friends drop in these past couple of days .Catching up on all the gossip can be very tiring. Ha Ha.
Seriously it's been fun, not alot of sleep but fun. When you work you never have time to visit during the day only on weekends. Now I have lots of time to spend with all my friends. I'll have to put all my work on hold for a couple of more days. Work will always be there....

Les, so nice to hear from you. You have better weather than we do here in Ontario.It's so cold and damp . I can't wait for the nice weather to get here so we too can go outside and enjoy the warmth of the sun. Les , I like your saying . Once I learn to do what I can instead of what I could, I'll be all right. It's so true. I think that's a keeper for me.Thanks.

Carol , I hope you find someone to help you with your renovations.I'll have to pass as you can see , I'll be busy entertaining. Very hard work wouldn't you agree!

Theresa and Al, I wouldn't want to take your jobs away from you, You both would be bored. Just kidding .See you guys tomorrow.

Chris , we were in Jamaica about 8 years ago. I would like to visit New Brunswich and P.E.I ....I have never been that far down East. Everyone that has gone has said it's beautiful. I was born in Quebec and that's the farthest I've been .

Mike, thanks for your kind words.

Pal's Mike, Thanks I will try something new , meditation .

Me. I will keep busy for as long as I can.

Keep well everyone

Look into Qi Gong if you're going try meditation.
It's very good for 'Self' healing and will help with maintaining/improving your breathing/lung capacity.

It's simple and can be done anytime and anywhere.
Oh Elaine... congratulations on your retirement... you are now elligible to bitch about the government full time! Rest assured though, that there are angels about whose sole purpose is to make sure that you don't fall asleep and miss the rest of your life!

Don't forget to have fun!



Hi, Elaine et al:

I was diagnosed in 2002, and I had to quit my job at Casino Windsor working part-time for my mental health :cry: after retiring as a school teacher and a part-time reserve army officer ; stress, retirement puts a whole new slant on it ! "Tai-Chi", somewhat similar to "Chi-Gong" has put exercise back into my routine. I found Tai-Chi at the local Hospice of London and it gives me a reason to keep active and socially in-tune with life in my new home, and with my new love, Karen .

I would encourage any of you to check out the local Hospice, to try "Tai-Chi" or "Chi-Gong" and let me know how you make out ?

Cheers, Richard
Thanks Mike & Richard for the information. I will check it out. Everyone says it's quite good for you.

Carol , remember to get outside while your at the trailer and enjoy this nice weather.

TBear, I will remember to have fun . I just have to make some adjustments . I must find time to work around the house!. I'm taking advantage of this nice sunny warm weather, staying outside.

Everyone have a nice mother's day.

Keep well
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