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Oct 13, 2004
He posted tHis on tHe forum...

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i need Help.

i am doing an als researcH paper and i want to talk about tHe emotional, social and pHysical effects tHat als Has on an individual. if you could Help, please email me at [email protected] and put "als" in tHe subject line. tHanks

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Hey, Here are tHe questions tHat i would like answered for my paper. good idea to tHe one tHat suggested tHat i put questions up. if you could answer tHem and send tHem via email to "[email protected]" tHat would be very Helpful.

could you tell me about How you Have responded to being diagnosed?

How does being diagnosed witH als affect your everyday?

How does it affect your emotions?

How does it affect your social life?

Has it affected your family? friends?

wHat is tHe one tHing (or a couple of tHings) tHat you set your mind on in order to keep on going? wHat drives you?

wHat is your life motto?

wHy do you get up in tHe morning?

wHat advice would you give to someone wHo Has just been diagnosed witH als?

if tHere is anytHing else tHat you can tHink of tHat may be of some Help to me i would appreciate anytHing tHat you can send.

i posted a reply for him. i was too lazy to send and e-mail! the height of laziness, eh!
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