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Jun 6, 2018
I am a 61 year old female diagnosed in May 2018. Not a fan. Most of my issues are with my legs at this point and I am hoping to return to work (working from home though). Been to the ALS clinic here in Toronto and they were really supportive and helpful. Doing physio. Getting a foot brace for my left foot. Gave away all of my high heels which actually wasn't traumatic at all.

Recently started Baclofen and I've noticed increasing swelling in my ankles and feet. Anyone else experienced this?

On a cheerier note, I love this forum.
hello fellow Cannuck..sorry to welcome you to this unfortunate circumstance, but amazing group here.

Physio will be good for ROM and daily excercises/stretches that will be great for you every day. We have set up a weekly massage for my PALS that has been most helpful also.

Wedges if you can handle it will be way better than the heal on any day for any one really.

Baclofen will be your friend. My PALS is on 100 mg a day and we really notice if we even miss a dose. Not sure if the swelling is related to the Bacolfen as we haven't noticed this at all. Are you keeping your legs up during the day?
Sorry to see you join our elite club xx
It may be partially due to muscle atrophy, your body needs your muscles to push fluids back up towards your heart. If you have less muscle to push, you will swell. If you can relax and put your feet above your heart, it will help with the swelling.

I would talk to the folks at clinic just to make sure it is not something else.
So sorry to welcome you to the club, but you will find so much support on this forum. I take 50mg of Baclofen daily and have had no swelling; been on it for several months. (At this point, mine is also mostly my legs.) Come here any time when you need information or just for support; it's always here.
Sorry to welcome you, Mraz. Massaging the fluid up from the feet along the calves is always a good idea. When you get a hospital bed, lift chair and/or wheelchair, spend some quality time with your feet elevated as well. And of course you can use pillows or a wedge for some elevation meanwhile.

Though it may not be to blame for the swelling, titrating baclofen to the lowest dose that helps is a good idea for that and other reasons.

Hi and welcome!

I'm not a fan of you being diagnosed with ALS either but I'm a fan of the forum and am all for welcoming you to it. Hi!
Come here often to ask, rant or just to keep us company.

My PALS feet were very swollen when he could still move, Waldo and others nailed it. Feet up, swelling down. He also had feet with different temperatures a lot when one leg was more affected than the other. Now that both legs are completely paralysed and he's in bed or reclined mostly they are back to normal.
No matter what else, I'd recommend massaging feet and legs. Besides being good for circulation, it feels good!
Hi Kim. Yes, I have begun to massage the feet and legs. I was at the clinic yesterday and the neurologist said it Baclofen can cause this swelling. Recommended feet elevated at night. I see that it could be due to muscle atrophy since it becomes difficult for the body to push stuff back up the leg. Also recommended I go to my family doctor for bloodwork if persists. Thank you for replying to my post. I appreciate the support.
Hi! Glad you found this forum.

I am also a new member here. I was searching a couple months back for someone to comment on swollen feet and couldn't find anyone else with the same problem. I only experience this condition with time standing. My only response from my doctor and home health nurse have been to elevate them which has always been successful in alleviating the problem.

One question I have as a newly diagnosed PAL, what is Baclofen and what is it prescribed to treat?

Welcome MRAZ and Cathy.

Baclofen is for spasticity.
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