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Sep 10, 2007
Stoke on Trent
My mum has just been diagnosed with MND. She is 72 and has been having symptoms for about a year.
There are a couple of questions I'd like to ask...
The consultant says she doesn't present 'normally' She started having problems with her right leg and then her right arm began to go. He says normally it's the legs or the arms at first, not one of each. Can anyone tell me how MND normally starts?
She doesn't have any twitches. Her right arm does jump though with loud noises ie a ringing telephone.
Her leg muscle are very week and she is getting about the house on a zimmer frame now. Does all of this sound familiar to anybody? We are still hoping the diagnoisis wrong.
Jan J
What my neurologist told me was that it would travel either up/down or across but not diagonally. In my case it started in my left hand/arm is working it's way to my right arm but it could have gone to my left leg and still been normal from what I understand. Other than that I don't believe there is a normal. Like Augie says, "I redefine normal everyday". Hope that answers your question.
Hi Jan and welcome to the forum. Sorrry to hear about your Mom. This place is a great resource for those seekign information and support. Our members are caring and knowlegable. Glad you found us. Cindy
Mine started in my left leg and right arm. Loud noises also make me jump. I can still take the dogs for a walk but can't take my fourteen year old daughter shopping. BUMMER! Standing in one place is really hard on my legs.
Angie in AZ
Thanks all for your reply's. It's funny, Zenarcher says MND can't go diagonally, but in Angie's case it has. Like you say, nothing's 'normal' with this disease!

My Mum has gone from good health to zimmer frame in a year. She woke up one morning and as she says, had to 'think'about taking her right leg with her. She thought she'd had a mild stroke in her sleep.
How did anybody else's start? I believe some people start dropping things and seem a little clumsy, is that right?
Sorry if I'm delving, but I'm just trying to understand a bit more about the diease.
Mine started with difficulty pronouncing the word "lily".
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