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Feb 3, 2008
Learn about ALS
Are yall sick of me yet? :confused: I am sooo tired of this roller coaster. My story in short reference b/c I am sure its been seen before- Had sporatic fascics 18 months ago, head to toe random thumps that went away (no hot spots). Came back 4 months ago- Saw a neuro 3 weeks ago. She was the Top Neuro "Chief of neurophysiology" at the big university here. The past few months I have had off and on shoulder pain w/ percieved weakness. I know it comes and goes because during my exam w/ the neuro I was NOT experiencing it , therefore I would have mentioned it. She did the neuro exam. All normal. Reflexes normal and symmetrical...etc. She tapped on all my muscles with a rubber hammer and could not get any fasics to appear. She had her eyelashes just about on my skin looking so closely. She gave me the diagnosed of BFS .. She said she did NOT need a EMG b/c of everything else clinically was Perfect also given my age- etc...(twenty-eight) and type of fasics I described..random ones, head to toe. (altho she could NOT see them clinically, she believed me).
Now some how my shoulder pain and discomfort is back- NO WEAKNESS that I can detect it just "Feels weak". I sit awkward when I type @ my desk and I think it might be it or the way I sleep. It comes and goes...I know. I know focusing on it makes it worse. My hand is just fine..its just like my shouder and bicept...I just hope she didnt miss any weakness during my exam. She commented on how strong I was and good muscle bulk in hands and feet etc. She was very confident w/ her diagnosed and didnt even suggest a follow up.
Does the normal exam and normal reflexes etc. point away from als? I would think when she did the hammer reflex thing on my left arm it would have shown something had I been already effected w/ als..?
I am sooooo scared. I know I may be repetitive...but I just need some support. I am a bit of a hyperchondriac...and I have bad anxiety.

Sounds like anxiety. Doesn't sound like ALS at all.
Now I thought we had things all straightened-out via our PM's. :-D Go back and read them, silly. You are going to be just fine. I'm not dismissing your thoughts and what they are doing to you. I know how scared you must be but you truly do not have it . . . in the opinion of your top-notch neuro, my opinion, and the opinion of countless others on here who speak via knowledge and experience.
PM me if you'd like.

It is SOOOO HARD to let the fear go when your mind plays numerous tricks. As soon as I get one "percieved symptom" cleared up and far out of my fears here comes ANOTHER- I thought I had two dents below my ankle- so when I went for my appt w/ the neuro that was the last thing I braught up w/ her and she grabbed my feet and laughed and said .."noo hon, not even close".. your feet are plump and muscular as are your hands". Its hard NOT to pick up the phone and schedule another appt w/ EVERY NEURO in the city- BUT..I am not going to be that selfish. There are PEOPLE out there with real illnesses that need them more than I do (so I am told). :oops:
I tell myself, if I didnt have these random little twitches...I would not even be studying my shoulder/arm...I would be like "ouch, slept on it wrong, pulled something, and moving right along..."..sometimes we connect the dots that are not supposed to be connected and it leads your thought patterns to a WORLD of destruction.
THANKS AGAIN WRIGHT and those whom have responded. I am REALLLLLLY trying here- In 6 1/2 weeks my baby will be here and I wont have time to think of "ME" anymore.
God Bless everyone.
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