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Dec 6, 2023
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So about a year ago I had a couple of episodes of not being able to swallow suddenly. Then nothing. Then about 2 months ago I got cramping in my left leg and I now feel as though I’m constantly getting liquid up my nose when I’m swallowing liquids. It feels like nasal regurgitation. I’m so worried it’s als. Please let me know what you think. Am seeing a neurologist soon too.
First a couple of episodes of swallowing difficulty a year ago were not from ALS. ALS is a progressive disease and it sould only have gotten worse. Nasal regurgitation can be many things. I expect the neurologist to be reassiribg. In the meantime ask your pcp for a swallow study and or ent
Thanks very much. I’m not actually getting liquid coming out of my nose so is this a good thing?
It's not good or bad. It's just something to describe to your PCP and to an ENT if you are referred there.

In neither case does it mean you have ALS.
Sorry. posting here as can’t seem to comment on other post.

I feel I need to sneeze all the time but can’t. Had sneezing fit a few weeks ago and now physically cannot sneeze. Also nose is feeling weaker and when I swallow water a bit gets stuck at the top on won’t go down. Does this sound like als? Also have trouble standing on right leg now. Worried about weakness and cramps in shoulder and leg. Also sensitivity to cold.
Thanks so much.
I have literally never heard of a nose that feels weak in ALS. An ENT can check for blockage, tumors, inflammation, etc. And I remain confident that your neurology visit will be reassuring as regards ALS.

Since things started with your nose in a non-ALS way, it's hard to believe that the leg/shoulder issues have anything to do with ALS either. And sometimes your mind plays tricks, expanding the problem (or your awareness of it) past the starting point.
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