Really worried about als (35 years old male)

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Jul 31, 2023
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Hi everyone.

Im writing here because i need to talk about my symptoms. I'm french sorry if my english is not so good. I'm 35 years old.

So I experience muscle twitch few months ago. I was not really worried about that because I didn't have any other symptoms and I drink lot of caffeine every day. But one month ago I woke up with a really strange feeling. Both of my legs were heavy exactly like when you do a big workout the day before.
This feeling is still here one month after. When I go to the gym I'm working in the same way I don't feel real weakness but when I walk I feel like my legs are tired and I still have muscle twitching. I did a blood check nothing wrong expect Anti-thyroglobulin antibodies in a little hi level but the doctor told me it's not that because my tsh is ok.

i 've also Seen a neurologist who told me that it was because of stress but she gave me an appointement for emg in september.

What do you think about that? Im really worried about als.

Thanks by advance to all of you for Reading me
I see no reason to worry about ALS. "A lot of caffeine every day" can take a long-term toll on your body because it makes your heart work harder, so I would try to gradually reduce your consumption.
Hi! Thanks you for the Reply. Im trying actually to reduce it.
There is another thing i didnt Say. I already did an emg with a very young neurologist. I was really disapointed by that because he didnt used needles he tried but didnt found the good place to put it so he just used électrodes.
He found a soft amyotrophie in the extension digitorum brebis. I didnt feel anything there my symptoms are localised around quadriceps. So im going to do one more emg in september with somewone else.
I feel really scared about that. I dont know what i need more between psychiatrist or New emg.
I did the mistake to read things about als on internet and now i feel my life slowing down.
But i already gave my contribution to als Compagne in my country and whatever happen to me i feel really like its important to support the fight against als.
Thanks you for Reading and sorry for my english ^^
Hi, just to give you news.

My symptômes hasn't stop since last Time,i still feel my legs heavy when i walk and i get tired easily.
However i did a New emg with a good neurologist who seems to be really concerned about Als. She just tested my calves and she told me that if my pain in Legs was because MND disease, she would see something wrong in my calves even if disease got in my foot or my quadriceps first... So i believe her and i have an appointement with a sport doctor. Hope i will find whats wrong.

Thanks you for the support and i send strength to all the Pals here!
Thank you for the update, and your contribution in France. This report sounds very positive. Whether the sports medicine specialist finds something treatable or not, you might remember that heavy legs can come after a virus, even when you didn't think you had one. So sometimes more gentle stretching before you walk/work out, and generally taking it a little easier, can help over time.
Hi, i'm back here for some news. So the sport doctor told me after an echography of my quadriceps that the rectus Femoris were stiff and i need to do stretching. Im little afraid because the "stiff muscle" were localized at a place where i have most of my muscle twitch. So i don't really know if i have to go again to see neurologist or just wait and see what happen... I did emg but just on my calves not on quadriceps and it was ok.
Since 2 days muscle twitch are getting worst it happend always in the same place and almost all day long...
Stiff muscles that need stretching is not spasticity. The stiff muscle you see in generic descriptions of ALS is confusing because they mean spasticity which is hard to explain but clear to a doctor on exam. Your doctor would have told you if you had it.
Hi! I did a new EMG and i have some news. I start to be reassured about als but i think its important to share results until the end for people who are afraid about similars symptoms.
So the new emg, my neurologist found that :
There is presence of spontaneous activity in the form of repetitive motor potentials to the vastus lateralis, vastus medialis and rectus femoris muscles on the right.
During the effort : trace interferential
he ask me to do irm of lumbar spine.
i feel like its closer that the final diagnostic.
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