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Oct 22, 2008
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Hey everyone,

I have been twitching for 2 months now with pain sensations al over my body.. however, before i went asleep today i started to have tingling sensations in the toe next to my big one on the right foot. When i woke up, it was completely numb and it still is.

Is this a symptom of ALS? :roll:
Oops, i forgot to add that when i move, i get more tingling sensations.

I have had a clean MRI last week.. and the neurologist didnt found it necessary to do a EMG since ALS has nothing to do with sensory in its early stages and starts with weakness, he said.
Its annoying that you cannot edit your messages.. But anyway;
I also have had perceptional weakness in my ankle when driving a car or walking long distances.. like its about to cramp up. I still have all my strenght and i can toe walk also.. but this in combination with the sudden numbness makes me freak out.
Hi ... tingling and numbness are not symptoms of ALS. Your doctor explained it ... weakness is a sign of ALS, not sensory problems.

Be glad you don't have it! Work with your doctor, and I'm sure he/she will find the cause of your symptoms.

Good luck.
Hey! thanks for your reply.

My doctor thought - before he sended me to an neurologist - that it was all anxiety related; i have had an intense stressful period in august. After that i had a common cold and then the twitching started. Maybe its just anxiety. I have read somewhere that intense worrying can cause the subconscious mind to do all sorts of weird things ( pains, aches etc ) to the body just to get rid of the bad thoughts throughout the day. This, with intense hypochondria about ALS may just be it.
I hope so ! Anxiety and stress can really mess with your body, as well as your emotions.

Take care!
when you say completely numb- you can't feel anything even if you stuck it with a pin
It was so for about 5 minutes after i woke, like it was asleep. Now i can feel some touch again.. some areas are less sensitive compared to my left foot, but i've learned that you never should compare body parts as this will 'feed' the BFS. I still have tingling sensations when i stand up or when i move my toes :roll:
You are rambling on and on. Cant you hear your anxiety you need to get a grip!
I am no Doctor but I have ALS 9 years You dont have ALS and believe me you dont want it

Get off this forum and get help

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