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Mar 26, 2019
Learn about ALS
I'm hesitant to post this as I know this is a very serious disease to be anxious over, but I'm very worried.

I've been battling a bulging disc in my lower back since 2007 that gets irritated a few times a year. Flash back to middle of February and I aggravated it again, but then again went to pick up my oldest one night and it put me on my knees. It felt like I really messed it up. I couldn't sit very easily for the next day. Eventually, a few days passed and all was good.

Then a few days later, I woke up with tingling in my right leg and foot. Thought nothing of it only to have it return again the next day. It was never debilitating level tingling, just subtle tingles. Then a few nights later, it started in my arms.
That always happened when lying down and would get better after being upright.

I went to my GP who did bloodwork and an XRay and all was good except my Xray showed a straightening of my lumbar region. Then a few days later I started feeling cramping and tightness in my left bicep that would come and go. We were able to schedule a brain MRI but my insurance declined the back until I complete PT. My brain MRI back clean for everything (which can possibly rule out MS but still unsure).

In addition to all of this, I get off and on scratch or prick feelings randomly on my body like as if something is stuck to the inside of my clothes. It's not daily, but comes and goes. Of course, I start panicking about nerves failing.

Now for the thing that REALLY has me concerned:

I've also noticed my right leg getting fatigued when out running around with my oldest. It never fails, but it's like it would feel after leg days when lifting and it's usually in my thigh or just above my knee cap. This symptom plus the spasms my chiropractor notes on my back worries me about ALS. He had me do some single leg dips in both legs, and he could see how much more I was incorporating my hips when dipping with my right leg. He attributed it to a weakened glute due to my back, but I feel like this is brand new and has been steadily getting worse. It's not failure, but it just feels weak and tired (if that makes sense). Sometimes it also feels like a band is wrapped around my thigh.

I do go in for an EMG on the 5th, but I can't take my mind off all of this. I know most here may say it's stress, but I honestly don't feel like this all started during a stressful time.

Any insight from people in my shoes would be great
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