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Apr 24, 2003
This forum is for the sale of used ALS equipment.

DO NOT use this forum to post advertisements for new equipment, miracle cure information, or any other item that may be contrary to our terms and conditions.

What is this forum for?
If you, or someone you know is selling a device, or piece of ALS equipment that is in good working order, and is no longer of use to you or your loved one, please post the item here.

What is the best way to list my ALS equipment item?
Remember to post:
  • A thorough description of the item
  • Any defects or problems associated with the item
  • The cost of the item
  • A recent picture of the item (if available)
  • Your location (or the location of the item)
  • Your willingness to ship the item
Protect Yourself !
Please be aware that recently, online sites selling used equipment have been targetted for the sale of stolen goods. Craigslist made the news a week ago for this very reason, and they're a HUGE site dedicated to the sale of used goods.

It's always best to meet people in person, and verify their information before entering any business transactions (exchange of money).

We're 100% not response for any of the posts here, while we wish we could verify the posters and individuals selling items, for obvious reasons, we cannot.

It is fine to add links to a description and picture. Be aware that links, email addresses and phone numbers all trigger moderation. Reposting is not necessary. Your original post will appear after review by moderator.
Please also note if you are a new member you will not have private message capability
If you are selling a power chair it is helpful to note the approximate size of the original user. If that person was five feet tall their chair will not work for a 6' 6'' PALS and vice versa
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