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Aug 11, 2006
I'm a 60-year-old professional journalist and I guess you'd say I'm almost newly diagnosed. I've had MRIs, blood tests and a lumbar puncture. An EMG is scheduled for next week. My neurologist noted on the lumbar puncture request a DX of ALS. And Thursday morning my primary care doctor advised me to look into an ALS support group and referred me for ALS physical therapy.
About three years ago, I started experiencing problems with slurred speech. Then, I started limping and dragging my right foot. The weakness then spread to my right arm and I started to have weight loss and muscle wasting. And there's the muscle fasciculations. Seems fairly clear cut.
Things like this never seem to come at opportune times. I've been living with my girlfriend for the past 2 years and I was about to move out. I have joint custody of my 15 year old son and she was never quite comfortable with him coming over. Anyway, last week I put a deposit on and apartment for him and me. However, the apartment has a staircase to the bedrooms and after talking with the doc, it seems like that wasn't a good idea. Also, my lady was dissappointed that I was moving and wants me to stay -- and seems willing to work out a compromise regarding my son.
Arghhh! Things are never simple.
Looking on the bright side, I'm fortunate to have people who care about me and also fortunate to have a good job with supportive management
Question: does anyone recommend I get on creatine and COQ10?
just chatting

As for "does anyone recommend I get on creatine and COQ10?" if it cost nothing it wont hurt but doubt it will do much. Personally i'd get my deposit back and look for a 1 floor apt that will have Great wheelchair access(sorry).

As for life, being a writter will be fun as u will have more free time to talk with others and research option for new freinds u will meet in this new life..............oh my own thought.. foget the vitamins, fancy diets...enjoy what u eat,have a beer and accept help(That is hardest)

AND use the "search" BUTTON as many of us say.......
When I used to remember to take it every day I thought it helped. Placebo effect? Maybe. Not sure one way or the other. I have deteriorated since last winter when I started to take it only occassionally.
Hi Leogreene

This might seem like a not so intelligent question, but what is COQ10 and the possible benefits?

Best wishes
Hey slm there is no such thing as a not so intelligent question here. We don't profess to be rocket scientists here but we do some research. Here is a website put up by a member a while back that helps explain CoQ10.
You can get it in any drug store so don't fall for the guys that want to sell it in large amounts. You can do a search and read what members have been saying about it over the years. Some think it helps some don't. Take care. Hope this helps out. AL.
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