Ratio of ALS in a world

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Nov 2, 2017
as we know, it is 2:100 000.
iran has 0,7:100 000
iceland 0:340 000
there are some people that dont know they have als etcetc.
let there will be 4:100 000, that means 300 000 pals in a world.
did anybody try to put number of reversals, plateau etc in that (let's say) constant number?
ted harada, nelda buss etc...
i saw a list of "reversals" and most are the fake, or at least slow progression or misdiagnosed.
just pals can differentiate fake and non-fake als, reversals etc.
The Iceland 0 is a typo? ALS/ MND most certainly exists in Iceland.

Dr Bedlack did a paper on reversals and plateaus and it had percentages IIRC.

You are right that there are both fakes and misguided people on some of the sites
@nikki iceland doesnt have neither 1 mnd disease registered.
I don’t know where you got your stats but they absolutely have ALS there. MND Félagið
Iceland has an ALS Association just outside the capital city. I'm assuming if they have an association, they have cases of ALS. Unfortunately, I don't think there are places in the world, in a populated area, that don't have ALS cases. : (
yes, iceland has als association but that means nothing.
i didnt check my info before publishing (old one info) so you are right!
MND Félagið
Who really cares about numbers? They mean nothing.
the only thing i would say about the population numbers would be if they indicate that more countries that eat more proccessed foods and use more drugs (1st order countries) etc have a higher ratio of ALS then we have to look at these things as a potential cause.
Pete, that’s true. However, third world countries have a reduced lifespan, so a number of people who might have gotten ALS if they lived into their 70’s die earlier of other causes, making the ALS prevalence appear lower. Also, there is probably underreporting in third world countries, and many patients probably never make it to see doctors.
Buy a loaf of bread or a pack of burger buns... turn it over and read the ingredients.

See how many you can pronounce. That's just bread.

Many other countries do not use the preservatives and artificial flavoring we use.

Maybe diet has something to do with. This country has the highest rate of obesity
in the world. And the scary part is... it is at an all time high right now for children.

Just saying...
@beauty4everyone data in a link are far from accuracy. it is true that advanced countries have bigger preveleance...
never mind.
what really scares - as we are more &more connected and provided with info, we are aware that ALS affects younger population. i read about 16 yo girl in USA (SALS), that makes doubtful many theories and depreciate them.
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There have always been non-zero numbers in the 15-19 age group in any ALS prevalence chart. So while it's great that YFALS represents the young PALS, it's not a new phenomenon that they exist.

As for advanced countries having more, a lot of that is diagnosis and information systems, not necessarily the true prevalence of unrecognized or unrecorded cases. Also, in more advanced countries, people live long enough to get it --not dying of other causes first -- and long/accessibly enough to get recorded, given the availability of feeding tubes, BiPAP, mobility devices, etc.
I know this is a stretch and a topic discussed at length at another Thread but...

Adding to the ALS numbers in this country is the high numbers of those who
have served in the military over seas now with ALS.

Ok, here's the stretch but something to consider. Military serving overseas eat
MRE's (Meals Ready To Eat) and food shipped from this country.

They do not eat the local food.

MRE's are extreme with preservatives and artificial flavorings. MRE's have a
an expiration life of 5 to 8 years. A meal of macaroni, hamburger, sauce...
6 years from now all you have to do is add water and heat.

Water activates the chemicals... that brings it back to life and taste good.
Six years later.

Packaged food, meat, vegetables, breads shipped from this country to
be serve in Mess Halls are preservative packaged.

This Thread is about numbers... maybe this adds to this country's
numbers along with what I posted above.

Mods. If this needs to be moved... no problem. Wasn't sure.
Chemicals in MREs is an interesting thought, Al. And in addition to what's in them, maybe also worth considering what they don't -- not sure how well the nutrients are preserved in extreme temps/moist/dry storage, how much fiber they have, trace minerals, etc. that you would get with less processed food.
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