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Aug 11, 2007
Hi everyone........... My first question is, did your muscle twitches end up feeling like hearbeats or like someone is poking you over and over........ They can get annoying. I used to have them for long periods of time now they happen just as much but do not last long.

Another question, if you have an UMN element can that cause your muscles to feel like they are being twisted. I have left foot drop but i can still walk, gradually my foot inverted and when i straighten it my leg looks so crooked from the change in my thigh muscles, plus it feels awkward like a rubber band is around it. My right side does not have this stiff or tightening feeling.

When i first started out the neurologist graded my reflexes 1+ then six months later i was asked if i always had brisk reflexes, was i told that as a child or by other doctors. I said no. I read on my report by this other neuro that i had hyperreflexia throughout and that she did not take it as a sign because it was throughout my body? I then later learned what 1+ reflex means, it means slightly diminished but normal........ Has anyone else experienced that?
hi sammantha

i'll try to answer the best i can.
q1...... some people describe fassiculations differently, twitches,rippling,and they can effect different areas for different periods of time.
i get twitches in upper arms/mostly right,shoulders/ back and left lower leg/foot.
i do get rippling in right upper leg.all come and go for different periods of time.
q2...... sounds to me like muscle spasms. sometimes one leg can be effected worse, i have had this today in my left leg, it feels like someone is twisting it and my ancle and foot is stiff so i have to keep rotating my ancle and foot to get any relief for a few seconds. i also find if i stretch my leg out as much as i can it too relieves it briefly.
you may need some muscle relaxants if it gets too bad.
q3..... i have found from my own experiance different neuros can rate reflexs differently.
ive been told mine were hyper then just brisk, but i have found the worse the spasms and stiffness the hyper the reflexs have been, and yes if your leg reflexs are hyper your arms can be also.
i hope that helps a bit, maybe someone else can add to that and give there experiance.
take care
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