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Jan 8, 2008
I searched this forum and this hasn't come up much, the last thread was 2005. If I get the slightest chill or have a big yawn, my jaw just chatters away and quivers like its 20 below zero. I have limb onset, but this is weird. Anyone else, lately, coming across this?
Jaw quivering

I remember quite well that my husband's (aka Grumpy Old Coach) jaw would do the exact same thing. The doctors said the quivering was just another "sign" of ALS. Although it was annoying for Jeff, he would just laugh after his yawn was over because there really was nothing that could be done about it. He used humor to get through a lot!:mrgreen:
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Former cal to husband, Jeff - 7-5-2007.
How long does the quivering last?
how long...?

From my experience, the quivering lasted as long as Jeff was able to yawn (his facial muscles deteriorated as well:cry:).
p daddy i have the same thing with my jaw. I also grind mr teeth and bite mr tongue and lip. Sometimes I have to pry my teeth apart. I was diagnosed 11/2007.
If I get cold or am in a cold breeze I yawm like crazy until I warm up again. The yawn are huge and I just can't stop. But I don't have the quivering.


ive had some jaw issues over the past months, spasms,siffness,twitchings.
but i have noticed the muscles just above my jaw line quiver/ripple is probably the best word. i have noticed i am choking a bit on drinks and saliva.
maybe the quivering if bad could be jaw clonus, would explain it.
take care caroline:-D

My husband also has quivering in his jaw. He also has the overexaggerated yawn......strange side effects of ALS>
I have the quiver also. I attribute it to weakness of the muscles that hold the mouth shut.

Thanks all, I am now noticing while chewing my jaw quivers or shakes as my mouth opens, but not when closing. Must be those muscles starting to run and hide.
Hi all
I have not been diagnosed yet, but I notice that I get a sort of quiver at the left side of my mouth, like if I doe an exaggerated smile or make my lips frown. It does it about half the time. I also have what's been called bfs, mostly in legs, but with an eye twitch too. I don't have any of the other classic symptoms, no slurring or choking, but I find I am focusing on swallowing more to make sure I don't choke. The tongue so far seems fairly normal, although at times I feel like it can get tired, but not all the time yet. So this quiver seems to be the first "real" symptom I notice.

Is this something to have checked soon?

Thank you, and thoughts and prayers for all
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