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Apr 4, 2019
Learn about ALS
Hello everyone thank you for reading this and I appreciate all the responses.

Back in October i really honed in on my twitches, as in I googled. I’ve always had my twitches but after googling of course my head was down in a spiral.

I’ve seen 3 PCP at my universal hospital and they all tested my strength asked me to push their arms, pull everything came back good I guess for the strength test. They said it was my anxiety. They told me I could see a neurologist but they don’t see a reason to. I did make an appointment in July but it’s such a long way.

I believe them but you know, there’s always that negative thought in my head.

Now I twitch everywhere but it’s really mainly in my left calf.

I can still do everything I was able to do in October...I guess my question is should I be worried? I’m sorry I’m coming to y’all like this I just feel like I can’t live my life without thinking about this disease.
Asked and answered, Phantom. Try a dab of magnesium lotion on the L calf, stay hydrated, get your sleep, enjoy your health.

I'd be worried. You seem fixated on a disease you have none of the symptoms of. You have a clear case of health anxiety. That by itself can make for an interrupted what should a long happy life. We don't do anxiety here, what with people dying and such. I wish you well wherever you can find help with anxiety.
Yesterday went to my neurology appointment
I explained to my doctor about my anxiety and about my situation.

He did the physical exam, a lot of what many people talk about I was kinda relieved because I wanted to know how I was doing.

The only thing that he said was my reflexes were a bit jumpy but he said that can be from your anxiety.

I asked him do you think I'm fine and he said I'm 98% sure you're fine. He did offer me to do an EMG testing for next month but I'm nervous.

I feel like I shouldn't have to be doing this EMG TEST cause I feel like this is just all my anxiety.

I'm really nervous, any advice?
He offered because you were nervous.

If the test worries you, skip it. By all accounts, you are fine. Docs don't like to say "100%." It's a legal thing.
If you will be worried not to have it done, do it.

If you can't "live your life without thinking of this disease," then you have a problem either way, and, as Vincent says, should get help for that.

All the best.
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