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ruby ben

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Jan 17, 2006
B. C.
Vancouver (Surrey)
Ok you smart peolple out there! What is going on in our bodies to make us loose our balance? Also, why am I tired quite often? (Dr. tells me to take it easy and not over do it.) As you might be able to tell, I am having one of my tired days and it is frustrating. I should be out in the sunshine but I just don't feel like it................ruby from vancouver

Hi ruby, My Dr. said that tiredness is part of the disease, I think it's because our bodies have to work harder to get around. I get off balance because I don't have the same support of my left foot,toes and ankle. I can over do it just by going shopping, walking too much. I can't be super woman anymore so it has been a hard time modifying my activities. I hear you wanting to be outside, I miss taking those great walks and riding my bike, it's a hurt I live with since I can't change it. Focusing on what I CAN do and thanking God for it and for healing me, I believe He will in His own time. Take Care, chin up. :-D

Although it is not be that has ALS it is my dad. I see him have these days and it really eats me up inside. He gets so mad. However, I tell him something that I know is much easier said then done sort of speak. I try to tell him to be thankful that he can still do what he can do and that things seem overall well with him.

Dad had one of these days yesterday and today it is much better but still a little off. I am sure that he will be normal again for a while and then he will have another tired day. It just catches up with him once and awhile and then this is his key to take it easy this day. Without this he would try to be turbo man every day....

In any case dad decided to do some work the other day. He grouted the cabinets, got down on all fours and stained the trims, then got himself up, after about 4 hours straight of this he was not understanding why it was that he tried to get up the ninth time and fell on his but :-( Well let's see turbo man could it be that you have over worked today? So I think it is a great thing he can do these things right? However, it is normal that he gets sore, pain, and fatige after a day of all this correct?

Good afternoon ladies. I'll offer a male point of view here. We find it more frustrating than ladies because of the nature of the male psyche. I don't want to get into a politically correct or feminist argument here but just want to try and explain it from a male point of view. We are used to being able to do most anything we want to do and help around the house and do men things like building cutting wood hammering etc. Men things. When we can't do it it makes us feel a bit inadaquite. Stupid ? Yes I know it is but that's how men are. We will continue to do things that we know will hurt us because that's what we do. No apologies. We do it till it hurts. And then we need a loving partner , child or caregiver to look after us and fix our sore aching muscles and provide adequate sympathy when required. As for the weakness one of the side effects of Rilutek is weakness. Kind of makes you wonder about taking a drug that makes you weak to try to stop muscle weakness/atrophy. You do over compensate and some muscles have to work harder to work for the weaker ones. The balance is possibly affected because of your gait being altered due to loss of foot muscle. That't what my Orthotic guy tells me anyway. So it is warm (13) here and sunny and I'm going outside to sit in the sun with a glass of wine. Have a nice day everyone.

Thanks guys! That is the best idea yet - sitting in the sun and drinking wine! Who cares if we are tired or unbalanced!...........ruby from vancouver
Worked for me and yes it was red.
Just out of interest, has anyone had their ears syringed clean ?

I had my ears cleaned at my local GP'S 3 yrs ago and my balance improved greatly, keep meaning to make another appointment.

Jeannie xxxx
I had mine cleaned out last May when being fitted for a hearing aid but other than hearing a little better I didn't notice any other changes.
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