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Mar 25, 2007
San Jose
I have mentioned my symptoms before but I'll list once more for the puprose of this question.

My first symptom was a painfull left shoulder that made usage of my thumb tough. That direct symptom has gone away.

Later I became extremely fatigued, tired & weak all over but most notably in both legs. I had to take baby steps at times due to the weakness. I had an eye ache, ongoing headache and problems concentrating. This all went away except a problem in my right leg. It gets weak at times, hurts at times and just doesn't feel right. I have the right leg issues still, going on roughly 7 months.

Now I have shoulder arm tiredness but what most affects me is wrist and thumb pain. I constantly can crack my thumb by just bending it which temporarily makes me feel somewhat better. This has progressed and has not subsided though I do have better days at times.

All in all, I have progressed but in a way that doesn't seem to be 100% als.

Can anyone chime in that has progressed and let me know if this is along the lines of what they have experienced?

I can walk fine, just dont feel right in that one leg. Better at times, weak and/or painfull at others.

My hands,specifically thumb joint feel weak but I am not prohibited from doing my job. Though it is very tasking to say the least. When not at the computer for the most part the thumb hand symptoms subside. I really doubt carpel tunnel as the likelyhood this happend withe everthing else would be unusual.

Tag I'm it! Guess that kind of response is worthy of being a few years from death.

Hey Tom,
I wish I had some answers for you. We are all searching for answers. Who could be the exeption to this disease. Keep the faith..and never stop fighting.
I am surprised you haven't gotten more responses. my progression has been fairly consistant except for about 3 months where it seemed to stop. Then started again, but during that time I did not get better. It has been consistantly downhill.

Thats my one glimmer of hope in this. The fact that the worst symptom that had bothered me was my legs then only my one leg. Now even that leg is better, and its bad day are not as often nor as bad. But now I have the wrist thumb issues so that to me is progressing which puts me right back at als. So freaking confusing.
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