Questions regarding diagnosis- fast progression


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May 6, 2024
Buenos Aires
Thank you for reading this.
I have read the sticky and I'm not asking to be diagnosed.
I started with early symptoms on Jan2024, lost of pinch grip and cramps on my right hand. Since then, the weakness has been progressing, I have affected mobility in some of my fingers on the same hand and other movements like extending the fingers or flexing my wrist and arm are very weak, I also had twitches in the same arm/hand. For a couple months I thought it was posture related, bought a new office chair and did some exercises trying to solve it by myself (it was kind of naif in retrospective).
Second week of April I go to a traumatologist and he sends me to do some tests, MRI(column and arms), EMG(arms), blood, and evoked potentials (arms). He also found hyperreflexia in my right arm.
Since then, I feel my symptoms have gotten worse and extended to other parts of my body very fast, I feel my legs weak and stiff, have visible twitches in my non (less?) affected arm, but also in my back and legs. I feel tired and I look for support on walls when I'm standing. I reckon some of my symptoms might be anxiety related, but as days pass I have a stronger feeling whatever this, it is has progressed.
My initially affected arm has lost significant strength in the past 3 weeks (I was able to use a hammer 3 weeks ago and cooked home made pizza for 12 people during the same weekend, both activities seem impossible right now).
I'm doing the EMG on 17May2024, but my fear is that since these were not requested by a neurologist and since the symptoms have been getting worse and affecting other body parts, I might be losing time by not doing a full EMG, instead of just the arms.
I have a neurologist appointment on 23May2024 and I would like to have as much information by then, as this uncertainty is excruciating.
I do have an option to go to a neurology urgency service and perhaps be checked by a neurologist before my turn and potentially have more complete tests requested, would that make sense?
Possibly but if you have an emg of your arms that is normal that would point away from als and if you have an emg of your arms consistent with ALS and a clinical exam that looks like ALS that would be enough for diagnosis once mimics are ruled out

Sometimes the emg people can add to the original order if their findings dictate but I don’t know if that is the case where you are.

I don’t think you currently are diagnosed with anything why did you say umnd for your interest?
Hi, thanks for your reply, it makes sense.
Regarding the interest, I think I have misinterpreted the acronym, I will update.
Just to close the loop, I was finally diagnosed with ALS this week.
Sorry to hear
Let us know how we can support.
Honestly, I don´t know. But I feel like having a semi anonymous space where I can talk or read about people going through this might eventually help me.
I'm so sorry about your diagnosis, but you'll find enormous support here. You'll have questions, you'll find answers and support from others that are affected with this disease as well as suggestions from caregivers. You're not alone.
I am very sorry you were diagnosed with ALS. As others have said, you will find a lot of support here.