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Nov 4, 2006
Hello everyone I am new to this forum, I would just like to go through the myriad of symptoms I have experienced during the past six months, something everyday with ALS-ish ones more recently. Hope it is no too long winded. I would love some feedback:

Back in May: persistant chest pains with radiating back stuff. Naturally I had all the cardiac tests which were all good. This lasted up until early July, everyday. Energy levels were good.
Early July: tingling in chin, throat, left side of face.
Mid July: chest pains went, tingling spread to left hand and arm. I went back to ER thinking it was a stroke, once again everything was good. My GP at this stage raised the question of neurology.
Late July: tingling now in my feet
Early August: started to get slight numbness in hands and feet, particularly in my heels, in fact it was a soreness there. Chest pain gone, however I still had some upper back pain.
Mid August: terrible fatigue set it, legs like jelly, had to sit down for half-hour at a time just to get going again. Tingling continued apace, leg muscles felt weak. My GP raised the idea of MS. At this stage I had a cat scan of spine, bloodwork, all of which cleared up many question.
Early Sep: Had brain MRI which showed no signs of MS lesions. Of course I was elated.
Mid Sep: Fatigue had eased, tingling still there but less of it, however muscle fatigue and tiredness evident. Started to get foot cramps, on instep.
Sep to now: Reasonably good energy levels, tingling has eased to almost nothing although it is still there in my hands at night occasionaly. Muscle cramps worse, in shins, calves, feet, occasionally forearms. Muscle twtiching started about 6 wks ago in calves, upper arms and occasionally torso. Muscles in my forearms and thighs and calves very tired and fatigued. Overall limb strength is still good.

So you can see the odd progression of symptoms, the latter ones smacking of ALS which of course really concerns me. I go from thinking fibro, MS to ALS all in one day.

Has anyone seen this progression with ALS before ? What do listers think ?


I never experienced any pain at all with my ALS except for the muscle cramps. Yes things progress, but I also have not experienced or heard of symptioms reversing. Have you had a EMG test done yet? If not you need to. It is the one to have to narrow down the long list of possibilities to just ALS. Ask your Neuro Doctor to do that. If you get good test results, then you probably don't have ALS. Hope everything works out ok for you. Hang in there. Don't give up. Rick
Thanks Rick. I reckon I will ask for an EMG this week. It is not so much symptoms reversing but changing, or overlapping. It has me beat.

Hi Jellore, welcome to the forum. I hope you find out that you don't have ALS, but your symptoms sound strangley familiar to my symptoms before the onset of Limb Onset ALS.

If you go to members list above and click on m, and then scroll down to my name MtPockets, you can see a list of all my postings which some describe all my symptoms.

The other test I would recommend you ask for is the nerve conduction study. This along with the EMG should tell your Neurologist a lot more about what is going on.

Best of luck and lets hope for something else like a pinched nerve or something simple.

God Bless
Capt. AL
I read your letter and can relate to the symptoms subsiding from time to time. It is good ,, but at the same time ,, very frustrating. As for the pain,, i too have alot of pain that others don't seem to have,, so whats the deal anyway? How knows. All i know is that two neuros have said i have ALS. Hope you find out that you don't ,, but if thats not the case,, just know that ,, their are some of us ,, that seem to going thru ,, good times and not so good times.

Love and Prayers
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