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Chris L.

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Jan 12, 2008
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Hi, my names chris, recently about a month ago i had a foot drop in my right foot so i decided to get it checked out after a week the doctor said that it was probably something called the parroneal nerve that was damaged and it should go away in 3 days.. it had been another 2 weeks and it had gotten worse. I could lift my foot a little bit before but after 2 weeks a couldnt lift my foot at all i went back to the doctor and he said the same thing but that its odd that its gone for so long so he scheduled me for an emg in a month.its now passed 3 weeks and i have not had the emg yet im starting to get twitches in my upper lip that feel like its coming from under the skin and also under my right eye. also my pinky finger on my right hand goes numb at random times and i get cramps and pains on the right side of my body mostly in the thigh area.. also my reflexes have gone kind of weird..(i dont know if that has anything to do with it but id thought id mention it anyways) even if someone goes to hug me ill stick my arm out to try to stop them with no control over it, and it has never been like that before. anybody that has had the same things happen or knows of maybe what these symptoms mean, id really appreciate some feedback because i am kind of scared since i am very young. i just turned 18 a couple of months ago. Thank you.
What do you mean about your reflexes going wild? Are they very hyper or over-reactive?
i dont really know what the difference between hyper and over reactive is sorry.. but i react to stuff ive never reacted to before.
sorry i misunderstood. hyper and over reactive mean the same thing right. and yes they have been strangely over reactive lately.
How do you mean over reactive. Did your doctor say they were hyper?
no the doctor didnt do any tests for my reflexes all he did was send me to go get an emg... i'd just thought id let people know that ive noticed that my reflexes are more jumpy than usual... sorry i dont know how to explin it very well
Sorry to hear you are going though this at such an especially young age. Do you live with your parents, are they there to help you and support you? Please know we are here for you, anytime, or any questions you may have.
thank you .. i have read some of the other posts and everybody here seem like such loving people... i dont live with my mother i just recently moved out but we are not too far away from eachother so she is there for support.
Hey Chris...I can't really help you decipher your symptoms...all I can say is to take it one step at a time and not get freaked out and also ask that you keep us posted with the results of the EMG and following steps. Good luck.
im keeping my mind open to that it could be many many other things than als and i will definitely keep you guys posted ... thank you so much for being supportive.
Chirs, I'll be thinking of you and hoping for good news. When is your emg, when do you see the neuro? Do you know what neuro you are seeing yet?
Thank You i will be hoping for the best or at least something that isn't too bad that i can work to overcome. My emg is on the 28th. In just a little less than 2 weeks. I actually don't know who i am seeing since i just moved here i don't have a family doctor yet so i had to go to the hospital couple times then the doctor i saw there scheduled me an appointment at a different hospital to get the emg and a nerve conduction study.
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