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Zina Perry

Jan 5, 2008
Loved one DX
My husband, Mike is in ICU and on a respirator. The doctor told me today that the only way he would feel comfortable giving Mike a trach would be if he went to a nursing home. He said he would require a lot of care and a lot of problems with pneumona. He told me to join an ALS support group. I told them I had one and there were a lot of people on it that had a trach that lived at home. I am retired now and I CAN take care of him and home health does come to see him. Please tell me why they would think that I could not take care of him.

Because they don't live with the disease! They just know what they've been taught in medical school. It should not be the doctors decision. He won't be there at the nursing home after it is done to see who is doing what how often. But you will be sure to do things the right way!

You be strong! If you are willing to take care of him, then by God you take a stance and let the doc know that! You already have real life experience speaking with people that do it, so if you have confidence that you can then you should.

I hate to say it, but a nursing home is probably the last place that would be able to take care of him the way he should be taken care. It would only take you some training to learn to suction, etc... and as you already know it's no hard accomplishment.

Please do what you are led to do in your heart!

Good luck Zina!
A lot of people, medical professionals included, believe that only skilled staff can take care of someone with a trach. But we know better. Sure, it is a skill but you can learn it. It is a good idea to line up some extra help, though. Not for care of the trach but because you can't be on duty 24-7.
Another very important reason to keep him out of a nursing home is that he would be exposed to all kinds of germs and infections in such an environment, not to mention MRSA! A nursing home is the worst possible place for someone with a trach. Germs are rampant and staff are not always diligent about careful handwashing. Wheelchairs, bedrails, etc. are not cleaned every time they are handled by someone. And the staff is running ragged just trying to get basic work done.
Take courage and stand your ground. He'll be much better off at home under your care!
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