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dean mcgregor

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Apr 7, 2008
i have been pain in my limbs, especially at night when i can't shift them. does anyone know of any nature meds that will help.
I don't know about meds or supplements but some PALS swear by a memory foam mattress...
Hi Dean,
My husband is receiving morphine for his pain - his occurs mostly at night too. He is also unable to move his legs by himself. Just a note too - he is quite advanced - cannot move himself at all, and barely has the use of his hands/arms. He's currently hospitalized (has been for 6 weeks) for pneumonia and a heart attack - only 47 yrs old!
hi, i to have pain in my legs at night n it keeps me up. i ask my neuro but he said there is nothing he can do. i have to tough it out. i hate nights. i can still bend my legs on my own but i cannt turn my self all the way, i manage to go from side to my back on my own, which helps relief presure to my hip. sometimes my son will hear me n wakes up to turn me.

Nothing he can do? BS-Get another Doctor! I will post to this again later.


i am worried about you, you don't seem to have any medical care at all . what happened with the alsa or mda. like lorie said you need to change your doctor he is sooooo wrong. the pain is probably muscle spasms, i know mine can be much worse on a night and i also get clonus in my legs/abnormal movements. you can get muscle relaxants for this like baclofen it is a standard med and probably wont cost much. your doctor sounds like another jerk to add to the long list i have been told about,get rid of him you deserve better.
pain relief

thanks everyone, the memory foam mattress sounds good. i have tried over the counter meds, no good. i am also quite advanced - cannot move himself at all, and barely have the use of my hands/arms. my neuro also said there is nothing he can do but prescribe heavy duty drugs. i do not want that because of the constipation side effect. i have tried lakota but it only gives temporary relief. thanks everyone
caroline, dont worry about me, there r some worst then me. i dont have any medical care cuz i have no ins. n everything is expensive. als n mda , well i tried to get help through all the places they suggested but u have to have no money. i guess i should b homeless.
pain relief

well i got the foam mattress and no more pain thanks everyone
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