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May 9, 2024
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Husband is 68, generally healthy. Always been an avid runner. fell while running 2 months ago and told me it's because his left foot will not lift properly. Apparently this has been going on for "some time" - I'm guessing a total of 4 months or so now.

He chalks it up to "old age" and has stopped running. Holds onto rail on stairs. Otherwise, nothing is different and isn't willing to discuss (otherwise a very nice person!).

Went to PCP at my urging, MRI has typical old age degenerative spine things but nothing to cause the foot issue. Has appointment with neurologist in July. PCP said he would have an EMG at some point and urged him to get on the waiting list at the neurologist's office. That is what peaked my concern.

I understand that ALS is rare but google brought me here and I'm wondering if my concern is completely misplaced.
If this is an annoying question I totally understand but I hope, given the title of this forum, that this is ok. Thank you.
You should be able to read the pcp notes online. Hopefully they did a clinical exam not just mri and refer. You can see ifanything was found other than footdrop

There are many causes of footdrop that would not be seen on mri. You will get more answers from the neurologist so trying to get on a cancel list is good. If they have one tell them if you can get there on very short notice. If they don’t have one ask if you can call periodically to check
Thanks for the prompt reply. I do not have access to my husband's online account and I overheard him getting on the cancel list. Normally he's pretty willing to talk about his medical stuff but he shut me down on this. I'm guessing he's either very upset about losing his ability to run or he's concerned it's something serious. And I'm going to respect him by not bringing it up.

It's good to know that there are other causes of foot drop. I appreciate your response and will wait for actual results.
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