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Sep 27, 2006
I've been researching BiPap machines. The latest and supposedly greatest seems to be the BiPap ST with Encore/Smartcard. I've found these for around 2500.00 on the internet and as high as 5300.00.

While looking at the website of the medical equipment provider we have used, I looked at the listed Medicare guidelines for reimbursement of durable medical equipment. It was stated that Medicare will not allow you to purchase medical equipment outright!

"Typically there are four ways Medicare will pay for a covered item:

* Purchase it outright; then the equipment belongs to you,
* Rent it continuously until it is no longer needed, or
* Consider it a “capped” rental in which Medicare will rent the item for a total of 13 months and consider the item purchased after having made 13 payments.
o Medicare will not allow you to purchase these items outright (even if you think you will need it for a long period of time).
o This is to allow you to spread out your coinsurance instead of paying in one lump sum.
o It also protects the Medicare program from paying too much should your needs change earlier than expected."


Does anyone know if this is true? If I have the the money to purchase something, shouldn't the "system" allow me to do so? This would save them tons of money!

The amount of money this company was charging us and Medicare for a piece of equipment could've paid for 5 machines. I kid you not! I realize they have to make a profit, but robbery is robbery!

Has anyone purchased something that requires a prescription outright, without going through Medicare or Insurance?
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